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Global Announcements: The 7th Western Hemisphere Africa Voluntary Missionary Workers’ Training Seminar


 The 7th Western Hemisphere Africa Voluntary Missionary Workers’ Training Seminar



Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


1.      This is executed according to the 2010 Work Plan of the IA Department of World Missions.

2.      Objective: To enable and encourage more involvement in the world evangelism in Africa for those who have the gift and calling to evangelize.

3.      The gospel message has reached many countries in Africa. However, we still require much assistance and manpower in training local sacred workers, setting up the RE system, as well as establishing church building constructions.

4.      The basis for the selection of voluntary missionary workers:

a.       A baptized member for at least three (3) years and have the Holy Spirit, of pure faith and good conduct.

b.     Aged 20 years and above, good health, spiritual-gifted, missions-committed and have zeal in serving the Lord.

c.      Able to communicate fluently in English or French, and any other relevant languages.

d.     Full-time workers engaged by GA or CB, retired full-time preachers or divine workers.

e.      Members who possess special abilities (eg. sacred music, counseling, medical, construction etc.)

5.      Application Procedures:

a.       All applicants must be recommended by their respective GA/CB for the consideration of “Recruitment of W.H. Africa Voluntary Missionary Workers”. GA/CB to submit the application form to W.H. AMC for consideration by November 10, 2009. The recipient is as follows:

African Mission Committee (E-mail: )

Please mark: "Apply for the 7th Africa Voluntary Missionary Workers’ Training Seminar"

If you have attended the first thru sixth training seminar, please fill in the flight schedule form (appendix 1). You do not need to fill in the application form again.

b.      Successful applicants will be informed officially by the Western Hemisphere Department of World Missions.

c.       Application form ~ As in appendix 2

6.      Pre-Work Training:

1.      All selected voluntary workers must undergo the Voluntary Missionary Training Course.

2.      The curriculum is planned out jointly by IA Training Department and W.H. Department of World Mission.

3.      Training Course

a.   Venue: London Church, United Kingdom

b.      Date: January 10, 2010, 11 am to January 15, 2010, 4:30 pm.

c.       Registration: January 10, 2010, 8:45 am to 11 am

d.      Course Arrangement: As in appendix 3

e.       Language in class: English, Chinese

4.      Course Descriptions (51 hours)

a.       True Jesus Church (TK Chin 8 sessions)

b.      The Holy Spirit, One True God (FF Chong 10 sessions)

c.       Sabbath (HH Ko 6 sessions)

d.      Voluntary Work and Spiritual Cultivation (D. Liang 6 Sessions)

e.       Baptism (YM Yang 8 Sessions)

f.       Prayer Sessions (10 sessions)

g.      Special Reports (2 sessions)

7.      Training Course is conducted by IA (Western Hemisphere Department of World Missions)

8.      Organizer: UKGA / African Mission Committee

a.       To arrange for meals and accommodation.

b.      To arrange for airport reception / transportation.

c.       To provide essentials for lecturers and students.

9.   Please pray for this Voluntary Missionary Training Course. Also, please encourage and recommend suitable candidates to register themselves and to attend the Training Course.










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