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Global Announcements: Full-time Minister Language Learning Program


Full-time Minister Language Learning Program



Re: US09-017-DTM

Date: May 18th 2009


Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


1.      To fulfill the need of world evangelism, the resolution of the 7th meeting of 9th IA Executive Council is to execute language training programs for preachers. This shall be done by recruiting the current preachers who are gifted in language, and shall enhance and develop their foreign language abilities to increase the manpower of world evangelism. Each unit shall actively recommend and encourage gifted and young preachers to take this training.


2.      Registration:

A.      Submit the application form to the respective GAs, CBs/CCs, and IA-directed churches before July 31st; 2009. Send the reviewed applications to the IA Office before August 25th, 2009.

B.       IA Department of Training is to request specialized persons to form a team for assisting the reviews and interviews. The results will be sent to IA SCO meeting for approval at the beginning of October.


3.      Below please find the method of “Full-Time Minister Language Training Plan”. The application form is demandable from every GA, CB/CC, or IA Offices




Your in Christ,

Yung-Ji Lin





True Jesus Church Full-time Minister Language Learning Plan 


1.      Basis: To draft a plan according to the resolution of the 7th Meeting of 9th IA Executive Council and the 2009 work plan of the IA Training Department.


2.      Purpose: To cultivate the language abilities of full-time ministers and to increase man-power to fulfill the demands of world evangelism.


3.      Method:

a.       On a regular basis the IA Training Department will recruit preachers who are gifted in language and give financial assistance for training. The term will be for two years; however, IA can adjust the term according to individual situations.

b.      In principle, the training is for full-time ministers who are under 40 years old. Every GA and CB/CC should actively recommend preachers; alternatively, interested preachers can send an application to their respective GA or CB/CC.

c.       The training will focus on English, Spanish, Japanese, German, and French. Other languages will be considered on a case by case basis.

d.      Review procedure: 1st review by each GA or CB/CC; 2nd review by a member appointed by IA SCO; last review to be approved by IA EXCO or SCO.

e.       The trainees will apply for further education at international language institutes or schools through established procedures. If there are any difficulties while applying for visas, IA and related departments are to provide assistance and solutions.


4.      Service:

a.       During training, the preachers are to devote themselves to local church work during their leisure time.

b.      In principle, the preachers are still in service while attaining further education. When their study is complete, they are to return to their work assignment. When needed, they are to be loaned according to the method established in the IA Handbook.


5.      Expense:

a.       During training, living expenses are paid by the preacher’s employer.

b.      Tuition, travel expenses, and a monthly allowance of US$300 are paid by IA. Accommodations are to be arranged by the local churches or by the GAs or CBs/CCs where the preacher is residing during training.

c.       All the expenses of applying for further education of the trainees must be reviewed by IA’s Training Department. After the approval of IA SCO or EXCO, expenses will be remitted from the World Evangelism Fund.


6.      Execute the plan after it has been approved by IA EXCO.








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