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Global News: Australia True Jesus Church-Perth Church


Australia True Jesus Church-Perth Church


Australia True Jesus Church-Perth Church


In October 1987, two families from Sydney decided to move to Perth. They started their first Sabbath Service in a hotel. Later on, they had their own houses and took turns to hold Sabbath service. In 1988, Eld. John Yang and Dn. Daniel Phan came over to pastor this small flock. In December 1988, the church was officially registered with the government and became a legal church with 14 believers. In February 1989, the Perth Church established her first council team, and the first evangelical service was held in April of the same year.

The Growth of Perth Church
Later, more overseas families relocated to Perth. Students who went abroad to Perth also assisted many holy works, including participation in pastoring youth fellowship, church preaching, and religious education. As of 1992, the Perth Church had 36 believers.

The church began renting a place in the city for Sabbath service. Because of the inconvenience caused by many restrictions on the rental place, our believers began to look for a fixed and permanent location. They went to various churches and asked if anyone wanted to sell their chapel. In August 1996, they found a church in Dianella district on the north side of Perth (No. 5 Hannaby Street). The Church in Dianella district of Perth was dedicated in April 1998. The Australia Coordination Board and the I.A. sent many preachers to Perth Church several times a year to assist in the pastoral and evangelical works and strengthen the faith of believers.

After Perth Church branched out
By the end of September 2008, the church had approached 100 believers, and it was the upper limit of the capacity of the church in Dianella. The building committee was set up to find another location to accommodate all the believers. After a period of searching, the believers decided to branch out, which means they needed to buy another chapel to accommodate the increasing number of believers to worship the Lord in two churches separately.

Until July 2010, the congregation decided to purchase a building in the Cannington area to the south (50 Stockman Way) of Perth. At that time, many builders expressed their interest in the same building. Thanks to the grace of the Lord, although our church's offer was lower than other buyers, the seller decided to accept our price.

Since the chapel of Cannington Church was first built in 1913, many refurbishments had to be carried out before the church could be officially used. The renovation work was carried out over two years from 2010 to 2012.

Although the church in Cannington had started to hold service on Fridays, the church had not yet been segregated due to the fact that many legal provisions and preparations had not yet been completed. Not until May 2015 was Perth Church formally divided into two churches, with their own chapels and church council teams. They attend services in their respective chapels.

Dedication service in Cannington Church
Thanks to the grace of God, Cannington Church completed its Dedication Service on May 13, 2017. At present, there are a total of 180 believers in Cannington and Dianella. May God continue to lead the two churches in Perth.

1. Dedication of Perth Church in 1988

2. Dedication of Cannington Church in 2017

3. Dedication of Cannington Church in 2017(Group Photo)





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