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Global News: The Ministry Work in Malawi


The Ministry Work in Malawi


The Ministry Work in Malawi

FF Chong, Africa Ministry Committee

Hallelujah! In the name of the Lord Jesus, I give a brief report on the ministry work in Malawi.

After months of communication with a truth-seeker in Malawi via the Internet, the Africa Ministry Committee (AMC) decided to pay a visit to Malawi, with a view to preach the gospel there.  In the early part of 2014, two AMC workers were sent to carry out this task. On this occasion, the AMC invited a number of Zambian workers to work together with the two AMC workers.

The first group of truth-seekers baptised were found to be unfaithful to the word of God and His church. However, God is indeed great and marvellous. Through the first truth-seeker, the word of God has miraculously reached others. Amongst them is a small group of believers who are sincere and faithful to the word of God.

Not long after the first visit, God moved a Zambian worker to preach to one of his relatives in the northern region of Malawi. Upon meeting this relative in subsequent trips, he was baptised along with another pastor of a different church. The reason for their conversion was that God gave them the Holy Spirit.

At present, there are 4 or 5 places of worship in Malawi. In total, there are around 500 baptised members. The challenge we are now facing is keeping them in the faith. Many of them are easily influenced, especially when it comes to monetary matters. The most urgent task for us now is to ensure that they are rooted in the basic beliefs of the church.

Building up a strong church with good workers has always proved elusive. More time is to be spent on equipping workers to be good and faithful. Lacking the basic facilities for further training compounds is the main problem. In many cases, training can only be conducted for a short period. But we know that as long as a strong relationship is built up between God and the believers, things will begin to brighten up for the church.

The current plan for the work in Malawi is to send workers to visit the church two times a year, help establish the faith of believers and to evangelise. We pray that the Zambian workers will take up the responsibility of looking after the church in Malawi in the near future. Amen!

1. The Lord added a total of 21 souls into His church in Ngoma, Phalombe, Malawi

2. 74 people were baptised in Mbangu, Nsanje, Malawi





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