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Global News: Church Development and Sacred Work Update in US


Church Development and Sacred Work Update in US


Church Development and Sacred Work Update in US


Hallelujah, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we would like to share with our brothers and sisters around the world recent developments in the holy work of the USGA and among the churches in the United States.

Southwest Regional TJC Centennial Thanksgiving Music Fellowship
Praise God, all the TJC in the US Southwest Region held a TJC Centennial event on 10/29/2017 (Sunday) at Irvine Church, California. In the morning, a thanksgiving service was conducted with a sermon by Pr. Derren Liang, followed by a status overview of TJC around the world, a video of TJC in USA, and a video of Elder S.T. Hsieh's encouragement during the WDC Centennial Thanksgiving Service. After a fellowship lunch, a music fellowship took place where the adult, youth, and children choirs from all over the Southwest Region joined together and reflected on the church's 100 years of history with hymns. Exhibition areas were set up with display of IA/USGA materials in the LM, RE, youth ministry, music ministry, evangelical departments as well as Chinese publications from the Philemon Bookstore. Thank God, the event was attended by about 500 members, and many experienced the joyful fellowship and edification in reflecting and giving thanks and glory to God!

USA East Region Centennial Thanksgiving Service and Hymnal Fellowship
Praise and thank God, the East Region churches held a Centennial Thanksgiving service on June 10th, 2018 at Hillsborough Church in New Jersey. The theme of the service was “Centennial Succession: Arise and Shine.” A total of 482 members and visitors attended the service and testified of the spiritual grace the true Church has experienced these past 100 years. We also took the opportunity to remember the history of the development of the East Region churches.

Pr. Steve Hwang spoke of “The Wind and the Seed” to reflect how God uses the Holy Spirit and the Truth to establish His Church. Elder Jonathan Chou and Elder Yang-Rui Chen testified of the development of the true Church through miraculous signs and wonders around the world. The adult, youth, and children’s choirs of the East Region churches combined with the orchestra to praise God with one heart and mind. All the saints shared in communion with each other through the Spirit and with love, fellowshipping in the house of God.

Through this Centennial service, the local churches were mutually encouraged to unite their gifts through the Holy Spirit to broaden the ministry in the next century. This service encouraged us to fulfill His commission to preach the gospel to all nations, preparing ourselves to welcome His return. All members rejoiced – “Praise the Lord!” May all glory and praise be to the Lord’s holy name.

Religious Education Teachers Seminar (RETS)
Praise the Lord for His guidance during this year’s Religious Education Teachers Seminar was held by USGA Pastoral Department at Hillsborough Church, New Jersey from July 1 to July 8. There were a total of 44 participants from 21 different churches and worship locations across the United States and Canada. During the eight-day seminar, the participants learned basic pedagogy, hymnal worship, how to analyze the Scripture, and had a detailed study of the Ten Basic Beliefs. Apart from gaining spiritual knowledge, the seminar also prepared students to be spiritually filled and become holy vessels for the Lord. May God guide the participants can set a good example for others, teach with love and patience, serve God with a humble heart, understand that Religious Education is a spiritual warfare, and that RE teachers should always be filled with Holy Spirit to be faithful servants.

National Ministers’ Workshop
The 2017 National Minister Workshop (NMW) was held during November 6-10 in Texas, USA. The event started with a 5-day seminar at Houston Church. There were 32 ministers and their wife. The theme for this Workshop is “100 Years a Heritage of Spirituality and Grace.” The seminar included classes, prayers, hymn singing, discussions, testimonies & sharing (by country), group presentation (by country), Q&A, and fellowship activities.

Praise God, there were a lot of wonderful fellowship between the participants and also with the local members. Many participants also found the testimonies and sharing of the church’s ministry work in the various areas in America to be edifying and encouraging. The overall atmosphere felt like that of one big family, despite the many ministers from different countries (North and South America、Taiwan and Russia ) and languages spoken and cultural background. May the Lord help the participants to bring back what they have learned about our heritage of grace and spirituality.

1. Southwest Regional TJC Centennial Thanksgiving Music Fellowship

2. East Region Centennial Thanksgiving Service and Hymnal Fellowship

3. Religious Education Teachers Seminar (RETS)





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