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Global News: News Report on the current situation in India


News Report on the current situation in India


News Report on the current situation in India

Pr. Joel Chong

1. Number of Churches - 14 Churches; 4 Prayer House; 5 Places of Worship
2. Number of Believers - 1528
3. Number of Ministers - 10 Deacons, 4 Deaconesses; 5 Preachers
4. Number of REU students- about 465 (with 40 Teachers)

India Coordination Board (ICB) remains weak, however we can say that they have come to a certain level of maturity in administration and decision making. We hope to see the churches giving more support to them.

Pastoral & Evangelical
India Mission Committee members and volunteers made five visits to India. Pastoral & evangelical works were carried out by the local churches with support from ICB.

Although their plans and system may not seem to be good, but they are not lacking in the spirit. Visiting & concern for its members are what the churches have been doing.

Evangelism is in the heart of the church and its members. It is just part of their life to testify of Christ. 94 were baptized (6.55%) for the year 2017-2018.

Youths & Educational Affairs
We have been spending a lot of efforts in the development of children and youths for the past 20 years with a hope that we will have a local generation of capable and spiritual members who will be able to take over the responsibility of the ministry in India.

We thank God, we were able to set up systems and pass on some of the development work to the local churches. The National India Youth Committee has been set up and recently they have organized the 1st National Youth Spiritual Meeting attended by about 150 people.

Training and Spiritual Nurture and Cultivation
Training and Spiritual Nurture and Cultivation remains the main aspect of our work in India.

This year, India Coordination Board is responsible for 100% of the Training Center maintenance cost, 50% of STTC Training expanses & 50% of the preachers’ and full-time workers living allowance. However, the ICB is still financially weak. They are not able to fulfill their financial commitment presently, especially the 50% of the Preacher’s and Full-Time workers living allowance. Though some local churches can be financially self-sufficient but their support to ICB is weak. Most look into their own needs above that of ICB. But we must say they have spent their finances in divine work as well. We hope after the local churches have settle their own needs, they will give strong support to ICB.

Pioneering work in North India.
We have been visiting NE India for some time. Prospects changed from time to time. We have identified that this is because we do not have a worship point & resident leaders. Our infrequent visit added to the problem as well. Despite what had been said, we have had our first baptism there.

West Bengal
In Kolkata, evangelism is carried out with a Bengali family and we are continuing contact with the Chinese community at the China-Town. We are utilizing the assistance of volunteer workers for the work in these pioneering areas. The volunteers will continue to communicate with them through Facebook.

Imphal, Manipur
Contact with Ps. Alexander started 8 years ago. Quite a prominent man in Imphal. A Pastor, a business man, a community figure. He is always with governor, ministers, legislative people etc. He and his family were baptized. IMC to look into how to pastor this new flock. To look into matters brought up by Alexander: Church building, Church registration, issues on place for burial, his status and allowance and etc. He wants to advance the TJC’s gospel to Nagaland, Assam etc...

North India
We have some members from the south who have moved to Delhi & Bombay. We hope to be able to organize ourselves to look into pioneering into these areas as well.

Church Building
Perambakkam Church new building is being constructed.
Pammal Church dedicated the new RE Hall to the Lord on 7th October.

1. The EXCO Spiritual Nurture of India Coordination Board

2. The Fist Baptism in Imphal, India

3. The Footwashing in Imphal, India

4. The Dedication Service of Pammal Church Regional Education Hall





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