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Global News: 2018 News report from Europe


2018 News report from Europe


2018 News report from Europe


In 2015 the European Coordination Center (ECC) was established and started to coordinate the holy work in continental Europe. In the beginning we had to think about how ECC can support the local churches and their members. What work should be done by the ECC council? Which way should we go to get the brothers and sister in so many different countries close to each other like one big family in Christ?

Thanks to God, He gave us wisdom, strength and peace to bring all the brethren closer. Although we have different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages, yet we are one family and take care of each other, just like in Eph 4,15-16. Many brothers and sisters visit other places during their local spiritual convocations or special services. If in the past people only went once a year to visit other churches, now many brethren travel several times to attend the service at other churches in Europe. This helps our brethren at smaller places to grow. Everyone can share their testimonies and experiences in church work to strengthen the faith of each other.

In 2017 ECC started a newsletter. Because ECC is a multilanguage area this newsletter is written in four languages (English, French, German and Mandarin). Although it requires much effort but the benefit is very high. It is a very good way to share past events and church activities including their good memories. People will also get a forecast of upcoming events so that they are able to plan ahead and attend. A very important part of the newsletter is the section for the intercessions. Especially if brethren who live far away and have worries or are weak in faith and need our intersession. Then everyone in Continental Europe will be informed through the newsletter and can pray for them. If some are not able to visit other places the newsletter still connects one another within Christ.

Another strong pillar is our Continental Youth Fellowship ECCYF. It is the second generation of TJC in continental Europe. They already became young adults and are very active in evangelism. The youth in Europe had to grow up quicker than in other areas. Some of them already take responsibility as church board members, in preaching during the Sabbath service or in leading the Bible study. ECCYF also organizes own convocations, trainings or visits to different churches. Our young generation is also very active supporting the holy work in the pioneering area of South Europe. As Volunteer-Team they help teaching the RE classes in Spain, Italy, Greece and Hungary. May God continue to support their holy work and keep their strength.

For two places 2018 was also very special in a different way. After a very long run Heidelberg house of prayer found a new church building. With God’s grace the church could buy a suitable building in Mannheim (a city close to Heidelberg). Currently there is a lot of renovation work ongoing so that in 2019 the new place will be ready to use as church for the continuously increasing number of brethren.

Another great event was the church dedication last August in Madrid. Although Madrid belongs to the pioneering area of Europe, but the number of brethren increased the last years to over 60 people. Everyone who attended the dedication could see the blessing of Christ. Nevertheless, the Care-Team of ECC will continue to go to Madrid on a regular basis and help the church continue to grow same as in the whole pioneering area.

Since last year we have also a new place of worship in our European pioneering area. Some families who live in Budapest (the capital of Hungary) started to have a regular Sabbath Service. Our Care- and Volunteer-team already visited the families two times this year. In 2019 we will increase the number of visits not only to Hungary but also to Greece, Italy and Spain. Goal is to establish Sabbath Service and Religion Education at all the places that the holy work increases and the gospel can be preached throughout Europe.

The biggest challenge for 2019 will be to find a church building for East Paris house of prayer. The current situation makes it very difficult to keep the Sabbath and also to evangelise to other people. We ask everyone for intercession that with God’s grace and mercy they will find a suitable place as a house of God.

All glory and honour to our Lord Jesus.

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