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Global News: 2018 Indonesia Report - Leading Others to the Lord in Your Old Age


2018 Indonesia Report - Leading Others to the Lord in Your Old Age


2018 Indonesia Report - Leading Others to the Lord in Your Old Age

Cung Zen Hsin

Thank God that on May 2 to 3, 2018, an activity with the theme, Lead Others to the Lord in Your Old Age was held at the Faith Building House at Sentul. While having strength and good health, our elderly believers took this opportunity to lead their relatives and friends to know the God who created the universe and man. Participants included believers of Jakarta Church, 11 believers of Shunde Church, 6 visitor attendants and 9 truth-seeker friends.

Content of Program
All the participants arrived at 11:30 am to enjoy lunch. After lunch, many people chatted in the dining room during the noon break. There was a planting workshop at 3:00 pm. Participants were taught how to grow a plant at home using the 600 ml cups, flannel strips, seeds, and fertilizer which were distributed to them to. There was a testimony session after dinner. A sister testified how she was able to reconcile with her daughter-in-law after believing in the Lord Jesus. The participants showed great enthusiasm. Next, the elders were taught how to use smart phones, Google, video networks, and more. The first day of the program ended here, and everyone went to bed at 10:00 pm.

The next morning, the participants walked around, enjoying the green field and cool weather while exercising. After breakfast, they were taught how to make healthy snacks and lemonade. Participants could also check their glucose and blood pressure levels for free. In the afternoon, they learned how to make origami bookmarks. Before the end, a testimony was shared about how a deacon’s family was edified by the passing of the deacon through an illness.

We received positive feedback for this event from the participants. Not only did the participants engage with great enthusiasm, but also they expressed willingness to attend True Jesus Church’s activities again. At least four participants who were not familiar with the true church were willing to join the Sabbath service and the Evergreen Fellowship. After this event, the church continued to preach and follow up. The second phase was held from July 10 to 11. A truth-seeker claimed that he would like to participate in truth-seeker classes and receive water baptism. Three people were willing to come to church to seek the truth. The final third phase will take place from October 24 to 25. We hope that through these three activities, elderly believers can lead more elders to the Lord, so the believers can live more valuable and meaningful lives to honor the name of the Lord.

1. Elders of Faith Building House at Sentul

2. Self-introduction at beginning

3. Planting teaching

4. Glucose and blood pressure levels for free

5. The elders walked around





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