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Global News: Holy Work Status Report in China


Holy Work Status Report in China


Holy Work Status Report in China


I. 2017 Annual Holy Work Report
The goal for 2017 was “Completeness” with the main focus of “Complete organization management and strengthen the establishment of team work.” With this goal, the books “Pastoral Regional Work Handbook” and “Holy Work Practicum Handbook” were written. The new “Holy Work Handbook” was also edited.

The year 2017 was the centennial of True Jesus Church. Under the organization of Board of Ministers, local churches in each region held various centennial services. Each local church held thanksgiving hymnal services with the topic of “Thanksgiving, building the foundation, heritage, and expansion.” Spiritual convocations with the topic of “Knowing True Jesus Church” were also held. Beijing, being the original location of True Jesus Church, especially held a panel with “Reviewing History and Looking Ahead” as the topic. Each local church promoted the Centennial services in different ways. Some churches used art and multi-media as promotion. The church in Fuching city held a “Centennial Thanksgiving Heritage of Generations” children book and art exhibit. The Board of Ministers also published books of preaching in the centennial age. In order to provide a clearer understanding of the growth and establishment of the True Church, a special short media clip titled “Development of True Jesus Church History in the Last One Hundred Years” was produced. In order to make the event more memorable, the Literary Evangelism department designed a series of memorabilia, which included commemorative coins (two types), notebooks (multiple types), artistic copper plates, small bells, a golden lampstand, etc.

In 2016-2017, the goal of “Hundred Years of Thanksgiving, Tens of Thousands Return to God” was set for evangelism. Jesus was used to encourage workers and members of the churches to diligently preach the Gospel in order to welcome the Centennial festivities. The results of 2017 evangelism were good, as most churches were able to reach the goal, and some churches even surpassed the goal. From the 2015-2017 baptism numbers, the evangelical work increased year to year. In 2015, 5579 were baptized; in 2016, 8353 were baptized; and in 2017, 12016 were baptized.

II. 2018 Holy Work Goal and Focus
The goal for 2018 is “Elevate.” The focus of 2018 work includes:
• To amplify the evangelical work and increase awareness for all
• To diligently learn the Holy Work Handbook and elevate the regulatory management within the church.
• To promote member registration and elevate the unifying standard
• To make Bible reading universal among members and elevate the habit of spiritual cultivation
• To promote morning prayers within members and elevate the importance of prayer,
• To learn the ten articles of faith in depth and elevate the members’ knowledge of faith,
• To strengthen training of workers in each level and elevate the attainment of Holy Work,
• To strengthen pastoral visitation work and elevate the care and concern of each region,
• To hold more special topic meetings and elevate the ability decision-making responsiveness.
The slogan for 2018 is: Spread to Tens of Thousands, Adding Tens of Thousands.

III. 2018 First Quarter Holy Work Report
There was a visitation of elderly workers before Chinese New Year. A Winter Theological Cultivation Seminar was held 1/28 to 2/2. On 1/30, a special topic seminar was held with the topic “Indigenization of Christianity in China.” 3/10 – 11 was the first quarter council meeting of 2018. General Affairs and Financial Affairs panels for each region were held 3/25 evening to 3/26.

Holy work for first quarter: To plan 2018 work for each region. Organize all workers to learn the new “Holy Work Handbook.” Start a new round of member registration work. Implement the promotion of classes to learn about the Bible.

1. Fuzhou Pastoral Area Choir Centennial Commemoration Concert on Oct 8, 2017

2. Weifang Pastoral Area Choir Presentation on Oct 6, 2017

3. Guangzhou Church Choir Presentation on Sep 24, 2017





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