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Current Holy Work Report - Philippines


Current Holy Work Report - Philippines

There is no boasting to preaching the gospel for the duty had been entrusted to me by our Lord Savior’s command.

8/23-24/2011 Eastern Hemisphere Conference at Olive Garden, Malaysia – It was decided to send Pr. Wan Fa Chen to preach to the Chinese in the Philippines. Thanks to God’s grace, from November 2012 to January 2014, there were a total of 8 two-week evangelical trips where Pr. Wan Fa Chen accompanied by local preachers, deacons or members made personal evangelisms. Sabah GA’s instruction is to preach solely to the Chinese. There was a contact list prepared. But when the contacts could not be reached by phone or refused to pick up, we hoped that the local deacons, elders and members can introduce the Chinese friends to us. However, they expressed the difficulty in interacting with the Chinese. Chinese members who’ve lived in the Philippines for an extended period of time said it is not suitable for preachers to go to the living environment of the Chinese. Do we not have a person to preach to? Where then shall we go to preach the gospel?

1. We welcome co-workers in prayer

Every Sabbath Manila Church prays for 30 minutes prior to the morning and afternoon services. We encourage to pray especially for the evangelism work of preaching to the Chinese. Many co-workers also pray earnestly each morning, asking God to open the door of gospel.

2. Locate Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, Manila.

On November 12, 2012, we entered into Chinatown for the first time. We walked around in search for Chinese restaurants, praying for God to guide us. The first stop was Royal Noodle Restaurant. We ordered and had lunch there. With the work of evangelism on our shoulders, we continued to search for the person whom we can preach to. Who is Chinese? We prayed earnestly in the heart and finally, Mr. Liu, the manager, Mrs. Yu Shuan Chang, Mr. Yuan Gong Chu the chef, and Mr. Mei Luan Cheng, the chef. We utilized the afternoon time after 2pm where there were fewer customers to briefly introduce our gospel and build a good interpersonal relationship with them.

The mother of Mrs. Yu Shuan Chang is 100 years old; we longed to visit her. The first time we met Mrs. Chang we went home with her to visit her mother. On the third visit we also met her brother Mr. Chang by chance. We held on to every given opportunity and Mr. Chang agreed for us to visit and tell him more about the truth. Afterward service was held at his house a numerous times; he also attended service at Manila Church. We explained the gospel in detail to Mr. Chang, he also actively invited his coworkers to join in gospel fellowship in different restaurants.

3. No obstacle in holding gospel fellowship

Twice Mr. Chang had invited his friends to join the gospel fellowship. Through the opportunity arranged by God, we came in contact with:

Mr. Shong Wu – Had been to Manila Church for Sabbath service
Mr. Rong Hua Huang – Attended family service numerous times.
Mr. Shu Ming Chen – Mr. Chen is a Christian from another denomination. He shared our church’s teachings on Sabbath with his pastor; his pastor rebuked our teachings as teachings of the devil. However, Mr. Chen wanted to seek a church with truth. Therefore, he came to study the Bible at Manila Church. Just so happen Pr. Zacchaeus Yang was the usher. He explained to him in detail the doctrines of Sabbath, Water Baptism, Foot Washing, Holy Sacraments, and Holy Spirit. Mr. Chen also attended Sabbath service.

4. New friends introduced to us by friends in China Town restaurants

Chef of Royal Noodle Restaurant – Mr. Mei Luan Cheng introduced his friend Mr. Ho, a chef at 合棧 Restaurant. His whole family is Christian. We gradually moved our target to合棧Restaurant, spending much time to speak with Mr. Ho and have had service with his family on numerous occasions. We shared about our basic doctrines, how we pray, that we believe those who lovingly receive those preaching the name of the Lord shall be remembered by God and greatly blessed.

5. Friends who’ve heard the truth numerous times in Chinatown Restaurants

Mr. Fu and his wife – We met Mr. Fu in a restaurant. We followed up by visiting him at his clock shop to preach the gospel to him and his wife. We continue to follow up with them until now.

Mr. Tsai – We met Mr. Tsai in a restaurant. We have had family service at his house several times.
Mr. Dai – We met Mr. Dai at a restaurant. We often share about the gospel in different restaurants.
Mrs. Chen – Mrs. Chen is the manager at a restaurant. We often preach the gospel to others at her restaurant.
Mrs. Yang – Mrs. Yang brought us to her house to further discuss the gospel after attending the gospel fellowship.
Mrs. Wang – Manager at a restaurant. We have been to her house for service twice.

6. Testimony within Chinatown

One time in the process of seeking people to preach to in Chinatown, the evangelical team met Mr. Wei Cheng Liu. He was sitting on his door step, with a bottle under his chair. Later we learned that he had suffered alcoholism for 30 years. Ever since Mr. Liu attended the Sabbath service and understood the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, by God grace he was freed from his 30 years of addiction and can enjoy the true freedom and peace in Christ. Thank God, he continues to keep the Sabbath.

We sincerely ask all the churches to pray for the Chinese evangelism work in the Philippines, as well as evangelism locations in Chinatown. May God arrange a suitable place for the preachers and friends.

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