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Report of 12-1 World Delegates Conference


Report of 12-1 World Delegates Conference

The 12-1 WDC was held March 25-27, 2017, at Taiwan GA. Thanks to God’s guidance, it went smoothly. There were 64 WDC representatives, 29 observers, and 5 auditors. The IA Truth Research Committee was held on March 22-23, and there were 41 TRC representatives and 54 observers. The IA Holy Work Symposium was held on March 24, attended by 110 people. The theme of this symposium was “100 Years—Spiritual Grace and Inheritance.” Meanwhile, the International Youth Ministry Committee Meeting, attended by 23 people, was held March 25-27. This year is also the centennial anniversary of True Jesus Church. A thanksgiving concert and thanksgiving service were held and also joined by 112 accompanists from various countries.

The newly 12-1 IA Executive Council, Standing Committee, and vice directors of IA departments were elected as follows:

IA Executive Council members:

Fuming Tse, Ming-En Shaw, Steve Hwang, Joshua Phoong, Hong-Hsiung Ko, Shawn Chou, Nai-Hsin Chen, Ming Yang Chao, Bill Tseng, Yung-Ji Lin, Ming-Chang Wang, Jia-Lin Ma, Derren Liang, Peter Shee, Kar-Chung Tsai, Miael Liauw, Timothy Kim, Silas Chan, Nathanael Chin, Ezekial Chang

IA Standing Committee members and vice directors of IA departments:
IA Chairman: Fuming Tse
Director of Eastern Hemisphere Dept. of World Mission: Joshua Phoong Vice Director: Ezra Chang
Director of Western Hemisphere Dept. of World Mission: Steve Hwang Vice Director: Fook-Fah Chong, Timothy Yeung
Director of Training Affairs Dept.: Hong-Hsiung Ko Vice Director: Home Jer Hou, Ming-Chang Wang
Director of Literary Ministry Dept.: Shawn Chou   Vice Director: Jing Rong Chen, Stephen Ku
Director of General Affairs Dept.: Ming-En Shaw   Vice Director: Horn Hsieh, Jia-Lin Ma
Director of Financial Affairs Dept.: Nai-Hsin Chen Vice Director: Ming-Jen Wu

Please pray for the members of the 12 IA Executive Council. By the power of the Holy Spirit, they would work with God, serve the Lord faithfully with different gifts under a team spirit. May God shower His grace upon us and lead the ministry in every church, so the gospel can be spread to glorify God and edify men.

12-1 World Delegates Conference held at Taiwan GA in 2017

The 12th IA Executive Council members, Standing Committee members, and departmental vice directors

Centennial Commemorative Service held March 26, 2017

Centennial Thanksgiving Concert held March 25, 2017





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