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A Cry from West Africa


A Cry from West Africa

Timothy Yeung

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us …” (Acts 16:9).

In our ministry, only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit will we be able to advance our work. Our job is merely to submit to God’s guidance and coordinate in God’s work, as well as to actively pioneer places in order to spread the gospel. From January 3 to February 5, 2017, the International Assembly sent workers to West Africa to do pioneering and pastoral work. A brief report is provided below:

(1) Siena Leone

This small country located in West Africa was once colonized by Britain. After its independence, its politics were unstable. The people suffered through a series of civil wars. Soldiers and civilians disabled by wars can be seen throughout the streets. A few years ago, the country was struck by an Ebola epidemic, bringing greater hardship to an already impoverished nation; its economy took a huge hit and it became one of the poorest nations in the world. However, God remembers the poor.

The true teachings were spread to different countries in early 2000. However, due to wars, plagues and other factors, the pastoral work was not able to continue, leading to the scattering and loss of members. In light of this, the African Holy Work Group planned to revive the holy work in this country and sent workers there. During the two-week trip, the workers found the lost True Jesus Church members in the small town of Bo. The workers further preached the gospel and held evangelical services in the neighborhood, re-establishing services being held in the town. In addition, they came into contact with a Christian denomination in the capital city of Freetown and used its service place as a point for our ministry, preaching the truth of salvation. During this period, six people received the Holy Spirit.

(2) Togo

Togo is a French-speaking country with simple folk customs.

Through the efforts of the Ghanaian workers, the true teachings were introduced into the country a few years ago, took root, and grew. There are three evangelical bases in the country and more than 100 believers. This time, the workers pastored over the church in the town of Badou.

In fact, the True Jesus Church workers came to pioneer this region more than a decade ago; however, because of the lack of faithful workers, the gospel work could not advance. But then God’s time came. A few years ago, a pastor named Kadar from another denomination learned of the Truth. He humbled himself and accepted it, and led all the members from the church he formerly pastored over into the truth. After their baptism, the church of Badou was founded; they have been holding the Sabbath services at his house for several years. He has been faithful to God in his work, and God has worked with him. The truth slowly spread out in the town. This time, we only went there to pastor for a short period of one week, but the believers took hold of the opportunity and strived to learn the true teachings. They put down their work and studies to focus on learning the true teachings all day. They believe with complete confidence in the ten articles of faith. When they received the literary ministry publications in French, they were overjoyed and cherished these publications as their prized possession. In such a hot environment, with the temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius within the iron sheet houses, the believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, knelt on the stone-hard ground to pray fervently. Every time after prayer, they were soaked in sweat and the ground was full of sweat drops. Because of such earnest prayers, they have received even greater spiritual blessings from God. Although they are poor materially, they are rich in faith.

Badou members deligently learn the Bible

Badou members

(3) Ghana

It has been more than 30 years since the truth was preached to this country in the early 80s. Currently, there are approximately 20 places for service and 500 members, four full-time preachers, and four theological students. The country has a nation-wide coordination center called GECB (Ghana Evangelical Co-ordination Board). Other than the holy work within the country, the workers in Ghana have assisted in pioneering work in other countries including Togo, Siena Leone, and Leberla etc. This February, Ghana church held a national church conference and selected new council members. In addition, the local churches have gradually implemented the practice of contributing 40% of the offerings to the GECB. May God guide the development of holy work in this country so that one day they will be able to be independent in establishing and pastoring churches, as well as in preaching. This March, the theological students in Ghana were sent to the neighboring country of Nigeria for training and mutual learning with the holy workers there.

(4) Concluding remark

In the poor continent of Africa, there are many souls thirsting for the truth and waiting for salvation. We ask all brethren to do their best to make offerings to the IA’s special fund for African ministry. We further ask God to move more youths talented in the English and French language to devote themselves full-time or as volunteers in response to God’s calling! We must hurry to spread the gospel to the ends of the world before the second coming of the Lord.

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