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Brief Update on Singapore & Myanmar


Brief Update on Singapore & Myanmar



This year marks the 90th year since the inauguration of the True Jesus Church in Singapore. Deeply conscious and thankful that it is God’s provision and guidance that saw us through the many decades, the SCB council has opted for a reflective-introspective commemoration over a celebratory approach.

Highlights of Activities (June 2016 to May 2017) are as follows:

Church Development

A significant milestone for church development was the relocation of Friday evening services of Upper Serangoon Service Point from rented premises belonging to an external organisation to our own premises in Oct 2016, and setting it up as branch of Telok Kurau Church running the full range of weekly services including RE classes in Jan 2017. Sabbath attendance averages at 110. It is now managed by a pro-tem committee, and plans are underway for it to be registered as Serangoon Church in 2018.

Service in relocated Serangoon

Marriage Week

We ran a “Marriage Week” programme for the first time, spread over 2 weeks in each church in Oct/Nov 2016. The vision of the program is “To Have a Christian Home”. To achieve this, three essential factors were identified, namely

1. Marriage in the Lord
2. Growth in relationship between husband and wife
3. Strong family bonded in God’s love

Six sermons were delivered by different speakers in each church over two weekends to expound on these 3 factors. Each church also invited members of different backgrounds to bear testimonies on their marriage to further encourage members to marry in the Lord. A youth forum was also organised on marriage facilitation.

Evergreen Fellowship

Every Thursday from 10am to 12 noon senior members gather at Adam Road and Telok Kurau churches for Bible lessons followed by activities like hymning singing, quizzes, games & handicraft. Prayer for the Holy Spirit is included fortnightly in the programme. The 2-hour weekly programme ends with a fellowship lunch.

Handcraft of Evergreen Fellowship


Besides the regular evangelistic services, we organise a monthly care programme for old folks residing in Orange Valley Nursing Home as a form of outreach. From this year, we make a second visit there each month to do one-on-one evangelism.

Care and preach to senior in Orange Valley


In the mission field, we continue to uncover problems in Myanmar, especially in the leadership. Also, in August 2016, Dn Thomas Yen and wife relocated back Taiwan. Much rectifying and restorative effort has been expanded and we foresee it will require more time before we bring the Myanmar church back on track again. Trainee Preacher Mang Za Lian started his practical year in July 2016 which will last till end June 2017, after which he will be assessed for ordination.

The current membership status of Myanmar churches are as follows:

Apart from increased frequencies of pastoral trips and regular events like spiritual meetings and Bible camps, the following special events were held:

13-23 Oct 2016 – Religious Education Workshops, supervision & guidance of RE at local churches
23-27 Oct 2016 – Visit by Eld Joshua Phoong Eastern Hemisphere Department of World Mission
1-3 Apr 2017 – Leadership Review in Singapore with Myanmar ministers & full-time workers
14-16 Apr 2017 – Workshop on Teaching of Music to RE Children

Training in Myanmar

Overseas Pastoral Support

In addition to the assigned pioneering in Myanmar, Singapore churches support the pastoral work in developing areas like Batu Pahat in West Malaysia and Batam in Indonesia, helping with conductin Sabbath services and teaching RE classes. In 2016 a total of 33 trips were made to Batu Pahat and 25 to Batam





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