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Canada Churches Updates


Canada Churches Updates


Hallelujah, in the name of Lord Jesus, CCC reports updates on Canadian churches to brethren all over the world:

Calgary Church

Since the beginning, we started from as family services in member’s houses, to buying a small house as a prayer house, to now being able to purchase a bigger chapel. Calgary chapel underwent six months of renovation and is finally ready to be dedicated to the Lord. Evangelical services began on Thursday evening on April 27, 2017 for four days. Thank God that all the events were done through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which included the evangelical services, spiritual convocation, baptism, foot washing, holy communion, and church dedication service. 120 members from Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and even Australia, United States, and Taiwan came to attend. Everyone gathered in the chapel and worshipped with a reverent, thankful, and joyful heart to dedicate this holy and elegant chapel to our dear Lord Jesus. Thank the ministers and coworkers for constantly caring for the growth of Calgary church. We also thank all the members from all over the world for their loving prayers and offerings. May God remember you all.

Toronto Church

The church has continued to grow with new immigrant members and newly baptized members. Therefore, the church has established the KW House of Prayer last year, which is located 100 km from Toronto. Toronto church is also planning on the developing 1-acre land that is in the northeast region of the Greater Toronto Area. This will be the third location for service in Toronto.

The Bible reading plan for Toronto church has been in progress for the third year. The systematic daily Bible reading plan is coordinated with the sermon topics and through the mercy of God, the members are benefiting greatly from this. The next step is to have a monthly special sermon topic utilizing the Ten Articles of Faith as the theme.

Toronto church also faced challenges in the New Year. The northeast region land development needs tremendous amount of financial resources as well as careful planning. In the congregation, some of the members are facing both physical and spiritual weaknesses. There are a few members that are at risk of becoming “lost sheep” as they have stopped attending regular Sabbath services. We ask God for His mercy and guidance so that we can overcome all the difficulties in the coming year.

Montreal House of Prayer

Members of the church continue to seek for a chapel in hopes of finding a suitable place to worship. In the beginning, the construction committee looked in the whole city island of Montreal. After a while, they have finally found a chapel in the southeast city of Montreal that falls within the budget.

We are very thankful for all the offerings from all the churches in Canada and the brothers and sisters around the world. We thank the great love of God that on June 16, 2017, the old church at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which was built in 1816, became our chapel. Even though we have purchased the chapel, there are still some safety concerns that requires renovation of the building. This will definitely be above our financial capability. Therefore, we once again hope that brothers and sisters around the world will provide support. Please also continue to intercede for our small but humble church.

May God continue to guide all the churches in Canada!





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Created at 4/14/2013 11:05 AM by Yi-Yun Liu
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