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New Zealand Church Update


New Zealand Church Update

Pr. Fu-Ann Shi

There were 24 newly baptized members among the spiritual convocations held at three New Zealand churches. Auckland had 19, East Auckland had four, and Christchurch had one.

Christchurch evangelical services changed to begin on Sabbath day. There were two sessions in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon. These included the three sessions of evangelical services and one session of Q&A. East Auckland changed from Sabbath day to Sunday, with a total of three sessions of evangelical services. After the changes, the truth seekers clearly increased compared to the evening evangelical services. The spiritual convocations of two churches are one week apart.

Auckland church had three sessions of evangelical services on Tuesday mornings in the west service region. The north region House of Prayer had one session of evangelical service on Tuesday evening. The chapel evangelical services were from Wednesday to Friday evenings.

Auckland west region place of worship started having Sabbath services with about fifty people in attendance. We hope that it will soon become an official House of Prayer and proceed to establishing the work of building the chapel. From the past two experiences of Auckland church, it will take at least seven years from start to finish. In addition, the attendance of Sabbath service in Auckland church is reaching the maximum capacity allowed by law. We hope that the west region will branch out in the near future so that the evangelical work can spread.

2017 Student Spiritual Convocation was held July 15-21 at East Auckland church. The main topic this time was “Life of Faith” learning from the books of Ephesians and Ruth. The ministers were Preacher Jeng-Sheng Lo and Fu-Ann Shih. There was a total of 23 students and seven counselors with 42 receiving the cup and one receiving the Holy Spirit.

The North Island Wellington place of worship has 10 members. Starting from next year, the resident pastor will visit three times a year instead of four. Each church will send workers to pastor once, totaling six times. In addition, Holy Communion will be held at Wellington once a year.

May the Lord continue to guide with grace and give blessings to all the works in New Zealand. Amen.





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Created at 4/19/2013 3:16 PM by Yi-Yun Liu
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