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Report from the Australian Coordination Center


Report from the Australian Coordination Center

Australian Coordination Center

Thank God that, currently, the Australian Coordination Center covers five churches, one prayer house, two places for service and two pioneering regions for evangelical and pastoral work. An update of the two regions is provided below:

Fiji Pioneering Region

Commissioned by the Eastern Ministry Department, the Australian Coordination Center set up a Fiji ministry group for Fiji’s pastoral and evangelical work. Thank the Lord, under His powerful guidance, we have entered the 18th year of Fiji’s pastoral work. At the beginning, we had only one household – Brother Chen’s family that immigrated from Taiwan. Later, we had locals who came to believe in the Lord after a period of truth-seeking. In recent years, we have believers who immigrated from China. Currently, we have 35 believers and seven regular truth-seekers, as well as a gathering place for service in five communities. (See photo 1)

It is worth mentioning that after two years of application and waiting, on August 15 of this year, the True Jesus Church was approved by the Fiji government for official registration as a religious group in Fiji. (See photo 2) We urge brethren throughout the world to continue to pray for the pioneering work in Fiji, so that the true Church can shine light and warmth in Fiji, expand its boundaries, and multiply for the Lord.

Service place in various communities in Fiji

Certificate of Registration issued by the Fiji government

Papua New Guinea Pioneering Region

Papua New Guinea, located in northern Australia, is an island country larger than the nation of Japan (land area of 462,840 km2; Japan’s land area: 377,972 km2). The Eastern Ministry Department sent workers there from 2006 until 2010 when the pastoral work for the country was passed to the Australian Coordination Center.

Last year, Australia sent workers to do routine care work. At the same time, they established a Papua New Guinea True Jesus Church community network group and were surprised to learn that there are more than 30 believers located in various communities, of which the current capital city of Port Moresby has about 14 brethren, Alotau has four brethren, the second largest city, Lae, has two households of brethren, and others. Because of a transportation issue, the workers could only travel by aircrafts to various cities to do routine visitation. This year, in addition to travelling to the above three cities for routine pastoral work, they plan to add Kimbe, the capital of New Britain Island, as another place for their pastoral work as there are at least three households of believers there operating a supermarket. We hope that through routine care work and Wechat community, we can care for the believers scattered over the land. May God bless and look after all.

Brethren in Port Moresby

Brethren in Alotau

Brethren in Lae





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