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Updates on the Holy Work in Japan in 2018


Updates on the Holy Work in Japan in 2018

Shih-Li Ho

The Japan Coordination Center is in charge of four churches in Tokyo, Sumida, Yokohama, and Chiba, as well as two prayer houses in Kawaguchi and Kansai. Thanks be to the Lord! With the help of God, this year’s work in Japan continues to develop in terms of hardware and software. As of October 2018, there are 996 members in the country.

Spiritual Convocations
The Spring and Fall Spiritual Convocations were respectively held from April to May and from September to October. The International Assembly sent Preacher Dachen Lai and Preacher Zhisin Huang from Taiwan to assist with the events. During the Spring Spiritual Convocation, 11 people received water baptism, 540 partook of the cup, and 70 received the Holy Spirit. In the Fall Spiritual Convocation, 14 people received water baptism, 536 partook of the cup, and 6 received the Holy Spirit.

From August 15 to 16, the 16th Student Spiritual Convocation was held in Tokyo Church. The classes for the junior high school students were conducted by Preacher Shih Li Ho on the book of Daniel; the classes for elementary school students were conducted by Deacon Enguan Li on the book of Hosea. There were 53 students, 6 counselors. 76 partook of the cup at the Holy Communion, and 2 received the Holy Spirit. The Working Youth and College Students’ Spiritual Convocation was held for the first time with the theme “The Value of Life,” and 46 students attended this event.

Various Seminars, Training Workshops, Fellowships, and Meetings

  • Bible seminars: held at the Sumida Church from 7 to 9 pm every Monday, focusing on instruction from the Scriptures. The instructors were the resident preacher and short-term resident ministers and preachers. The content for this year’s seminars includes: the trend of the churches (the Seven Parables, the Seven Churches and the book of Philemon, John 2, John 3, Jude, and Malachi), overview of the book of Samuel; the witnesses of faith in the book of Hebrews, overview of Genesis, Revelation, and so on.
  • Marriage coordinators’ fellowship: held in Tokyo Church on January 14.
  • Teachers’ training seminar: held over different dates. Instructors and courses: Preacher Dachen Lai (the Five Doctrines); Deacon Enguan Li (worship teaching method); Sister Yufen Kong and Sister Meixiang Wu (hymnal teaching method); Preacher Zhisin Huang (child psychology and class management).
  • Various training workshops: service-leading and interpretation training workshops were held on March 21. Training for counselors was held on August 5. A training workshop for the past and current church council members was held on September 2. Training for ministers and pastoral workers was held on November 23.
  • Fellowships: the Timothy Fellowship is one focus of the Coordination Center. It mainly holds Bible studies (theme: the Gospel of Luke). In addition to cultivating and caring for the faith of the youths in the churches, it promotes exchanges and interaction among them. It is held one Sunday every month in each church.
  • Fellowship activities: on September 16, a youth outdoor fellowship event was hosted by Chiba Church. On November 4, the Japan True Jesus Church Hymnal Fellowship was hosted by Yokohama Church.
  • Meetings: 6 Coordination Center committee meetings were held (2 were adhoc meetings); the administration committee held 3 meetings; the ministry staff held a meeting; 2 National Church Conferences were held.

Literary Ministry
The Coordination Center publishes its newsletter quarterly, and continues to assist in the translation of materials from the International Assembly’s website and various spiritual books, including the Doctrine of the Sabbath, hymnal books for the Kindergarten, Elementary 1 and 2 classes, the Chariots and Horsemen of Israel, and booklets for Student Spiritual Convocation, etc.

Post-Purchase Renovation of the Chapel

  • Kansai Prayer House: The new chapel was purchased on May 30, 2017. Service held at the chapel commenced in June and renovation was underway. A Spiritual Convocation was held on the first floor of the new chapel from November 3 to 5. Due to insufficient funds, the interior renovation has not currently been completed.
  • Yokohama Church: A new chapel was purchased on September 30, 2017, and the interior renovation is about 70% complete. Due to their increasing number of service attendees and limited space, they moved into the new chapel before the Fall Spiritual Convocation and continued the renovation.
  • Kawaguchi Prayer House: On February 8, 2018, a three-story building was purchased. After interior renovation, it was used in October for Spiritual Convocation. The church dedication ceremony was held on October 28.
  • Sumida Church: Due to a large number of service attendees and limited space, there is an urgent need for a suitable chapel. They are seeking a suitable location.

1. National Church Conference

2. Service-Leading and Interpretation Training Workshop

3. Teachers’ Training Seminar

4. The Working Youth and College Students’ Spiritual Convocation

5. The Past and Current Church Council Members Training Workshop

6. Fellowship Activities





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