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Indonesia GA Report


100 Years—A Heritage of Spirituality and Grace for True Jesus Church

Indonesia General Assembly

The year 2017 is the one hundredth anniversary of True Jesus Church. In 1917, True Jesus Church was established in Beijing, China. It then began preaching the gospel to all parts of China, then to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sabah, Hong Kong, the United States, India, Indonesia, and Japan, etc. To date, it has preached to five continents and sixty countries. The characteristics of True Jesus Church is that it has the Holy Spirit, Truth, and Miracles.

The truth was preached into Indonesia in 1939. The first True Jesus Church was there established in Jakarta in 1941. Through the guidance of miracles and Holy Spirit, Indonesia currently has 37 churches and prayer houses, 28 preachers, 70 ministers, 7525 members, and 7 Canaan Christ Schools with 4561 students. In remembrance of the centennial of True Jesus Church, Indonesia GA will publish the Indonesian version of “True Jesus Church History Handouts,” compiled by Chia Cheng Cheng. Videos of Indonesia church history have also been produced. Testimony fliers are published to spread the power and grace of God. Personal evangelism training is also being improved. Each local church has held spiritual convocations, evangelical services, and hymnal evangelical services in order to have more people know Jesus and become saved. In addition, there have been community care activities such as free health and medical checks, blood donation, visiting senior care centers, orphanages, and children on the streets, or providing of food and daily necessity products to the poor, etc.

Free Medical Checks

Blood Donation

Visit Orphanages

In order to have all members give thanksgiving to the grace and love from the Lord to our church, the G.A. plans to hold “True Jesus Church Centennial Thanksgiving Service” this year in each region. Central Java region will be held in Garuda Church on August 6; West Java region will be held in Gereja Injili Church on August 13; Indonesia East Region will be held in Santika Premier Hotel on August 20, and Kalimantan region will be held in Banjamasin Church on August 27. I.A. Chairman, Elder Fu-Ming Tse will use the topics Heritage of Faith, Heritage of Truth, Heritage of Mission, Heritage of Servitude, and The Spirit of Heritage as encouragements.

The last service was the national Centennial Thanksgiving Service on September 3, 2017 at Jakarta Kemayoran Exhibition Center. All elders, preachers, deacons, and members attended the service with thanksgiving and joy. Indonesia G.A. Chairman Preacher Misali Liao talked about the start of True Jesus Church being through God’s promise of the latter rains. IA representative Elder En-Yuan Ho used Hebrews 8:1-2 to discuss The True Tabernacle. The highlight of the program is the introduction of the history of Indonesia churches. It shared how God guided and blessed Indonesia church and the Canaan School as a good field of the Gospel. Members from many locations came to join the service, wearing traditional clothing from each region while they presented. The program included Java region’s traditional music and Gamelan’s instrumental performance; Indonesia east region’s Bali dance and song, performed by the young students of Canaan School; West Java region youth choir to elderly performing bamboo instruments. In this elderly bamboo orchestra, the oldest member is ninety-six years old. Although she was sitting in a wheel chair, she still praised God with bamboo instruments! Finally, Jakarta region performed “True Jesus Church” with the grand choir of 130 members. During this performance, there were 1333 participants who joined in unity and sang “True Jesus Church” and praising God. It was truly a touching experience. At the program’s conclusion, pictures of Indonesia churches and maps were given to each church’s representative.

Through technology, ten Indonesian churches, Australia members, as well as anyone, can view the service trough YouTube. Souvenirs could also be purchased after the service is over at the location held.

May God not only guide the journey True Jesus Church has trod the past hundred years, but also continue to guide and bless True Jesus Church until the end.





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Created at 7/4/2013 1:15 PM by Yi-Yun Liu
Last modified at 11/21/2017 6:16 PM by Yi-Yun Liu

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