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Japan Holy Work Updates for 2017


Japan Holy Work Updates for 2017

Ching-Cheng Hu

Tokyo Church, Sumida Church, Yokohama Church, Chiba Church, Kawaguchi Prayer House, and Kansai Prayer House affiliates Japan Coordination Center. The office of the coordination center is located on the fifth floor of Chiba Church. A dedicated personnel was approved by the council members and is officially employed since last April. Thank God! The holy works in Japan is making good progress through God’s guidance.

Holy Work Update

I. Membership: Total of 915 members (Calculation is up to June, 2017)
II. Spiritual Convocation

  • Spring Spiritual Convocation: Held respectively in April and May. Preacher Chang-Wei Lin from Taiwan was sent by IA to assist this event, along with the resident pastor in Japan, Preacher Ching-Cheng Hu. Result of the spiritual convocation is as shown below: 25 newly baptized, 498 received the cup, and 7 received the Holy Spirit.
  • Fall Spiritual Convocation: Held on September, October, and November. IA assigned a retiring preacher, Tung-Wen Huang, accompanied by his wife, to assist this event. Ching-Cheng Hu, the resident preacher in Japan, worked alongside. Results: 12 newly baptized, 493 received cup, and 7 received the Holy Spirit.
  • Student Spiritual Convocation: The 15th annual student spiritual convocation was held on August 12-17 at Chiba Church. Pr. Ching-Cheng Hu taught the Upper Class the Book of Act. Dn. Cheng-Liang Chen taught the Lower Class the Book of Luke. 47 students and 8 counselors attended. 70 received the cup and 8 received the Holy Spirit.
III. Various Seminars, Cultivation, Fellowship, and Meetings
  • Bible Seminar: Held every Monday from 7pm – 9 pm at Sumida Church, mainly for studying the Books of the Bible, instructed by the resident preachers and short-term assigned ministers.
  • Ministers Preservice Seminar: Held on June 4 at Chiba Church. Attended by ministers and those to be ordained. On June 11, Deacon Titus Lin was ordained (by Elder Ming-Yang Chao), Deaconess Dorcas Weng was also ordained on the same day (by Elder Fu-Ming Tse)
  • Literary Seminar: Held on August 26-27 at Chiba Church, instructed by Sister Shu-Hwa Lin from Taiwan GA. There were about 30 attendees.
  • Various Cultivation Seminars: Council Member Cultivation Seminar was held on February 19 (Elder Yung-Ji Lin was the speaker). Sermon Speaking and Interpreter Seminar was held on March 19 (Preacher Ching-Cheng Hu was the speaker). Religious Education Teachers Cultivation Seminar (I) was held on July 2. Religious Education Teachers Cultivation Seminar (II) was held on December 3. Ministers and Religious Affairs Personnel Seminar was held on October 29.
  • Fellowship: Timothy Fellowship is one of the major focuses of the Japan Coordination Center. This fellowship mainly emphasizes on Bible study, training and caring the faith of youths in each local church. It also encourages the interaction between the youths. The fellowship is held on the last Sunday of every month at Kawaguchi Prayer House. Fellowship council members training was held on June 17.
  • Gathering activity: Marriage coordinator gathering was held on March 19. Youth indoor gathering was held on April 8 at Yokohama Church. Youth outdoor gathering was held on July 16 at Arakawa Sports Park and Kawaguchi Prayer House.
  • Meeting: In this year, seven meetings were held for the council members of the coordination center, Legal Committee held the meeting twice, holy worker meeting once, and National Congregation Meeting once.
  • Hymnal fellowship: Held on November 26 at Sayama Musical Hall. Sacred Choir of coordination center was formed. Forty members attended and are led by Elder Philemon Wu.
IV. Literary Section
  • Newsletter of the coordination center is published every quarter.
  • Published a sermon speaker material “Passing on the Good News” and given to each sermon speaker.
  • Translating I.A. website and spiritual publications.
V. Plans to Purchase Chapel
  • Kansai Prayer House is to purchase a chapel on May 30. It has been under renovation with plans. Service was started in June in this chapel. Spiritual Convocation was held on the first floor of the new chapel from November 3-5.
  • Yokohama Church purchased a new chapel on September 30. They are currently planning the inner renovation.
  • Sumida Church and Kawaguchi Prayer House are seeking appropriate locations and buildings. Due to the rapid increase in membership during service, they are in urgent need of suitable chapels.

1. 2017 - Seminar for Holy Work

2. 2017 - Minister Workshop

3. 2017 - Workshop for Literary

4. 2017 - RE Teachers Workshop

5. 2017 - Leaders Training Course

6. 2017 - Youth Fellowship





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