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Work of Eastern Hemisphere Department of World Missions


Work of Eastern Hemisphere Department of World Missions

Joshua Phoong

In the organisation structure of the International Assembly of the True Jesus Church, the Department of World Mission is divided into the Eastern Hemisphere & Western Hemisphere. The purpose is for more effective pioneering work to areas where the gospel has not reached.

The Eastern Hemisphere has some strong General Assemblies like Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Sabah & Indonesia. We also have well established Coordination Boards in Singapore & Australia with newly established Coordination Boards in Hong Kong & Japan. We also have matured IA directed country in New Zealand. China is one of the bigger country the EH with a strong network of churches that is well organised and is the country with the fastest membership growth. These countries come together to provide support to the needs of the Eastern Hemisphere Department of World Mission (EHDWM) in its mission to bring the gospel to all nations. Some countries are entrusted to be directly responsible of some pioneering areas. They together with others supplied human resources to the Eastern Hemisphere. We thank God for His grace, with this support the EHDWM is able to look into the needs of the pioneering areas in the EH.

Pioneering areas are countries that we have recently reached out to, including countries that are not able to be self-sufficient. Usually these countries need the support of the IA is areas of evangelical, pastoral & finance. Other than the countries mentioned above, other countries where the gospel had reached are considered as pioneering areas in the EH.

Every year the EHDWM will have a meeting with representatives of all the above countries to discuss on the affairs of the pioneering countries. We provide advice to the units that are responsible for the divine work in various pioneering areas. When there is a need we will also provide resources to the specific areas.

The pioneering areas in the EH include the following:

South Asia

India & Philippines: The gospel was preached to these countries earlier. With its close proximity & relationship to the countries entrusted to be responsible for the work there, strong support was given to the divine work in these areas. Today they are well established, having national organisation to support the divine work in the country. However the national organisation remains week and support from local churches is not good. They have their own preachers and minister. Pastoral and evangelical in local areas are conducted by themselves. Their main need is on training, finance and further development of the organisation there.

Thailand & Myanmar: Language barrier is our main hindrance in the work here. They is also logistics issues as the churches are located far apart. The General Assembly & Coordination Board responsible for them put in a lot of effort to develop these places. With guidance, they are working towards a matured structure in their organisation. A systematic plan is in place to bring up the faith of our members. We are working towards training & development of future leaders. However we face some setback along the way. We hope to overcome these issues and to work towards a self-sufficient organisation in there.

Vietnam and Cambodia: Both these countries have a long history of internal war. It is only towards the end of the last century that the unrest had stopped. It was also during that period that the gospel is brought into the countries. However because of continued instability there, the work was stopped for a period and restarted 8 years later. In Vietnam a team of volunteers is overseeing the work while in Cambodia we have a retired preacher stationed there. Evangelism is the main concentration here with the aim of establishing local workers to continue the work. However we lack literature in the local language. There is an urgent need to look into this.


In Fiji, we have a good mixed of members from native Fijians, Fijians of Indian origin & Chinese residing there. The Fijians members are the results of our evangelical outreach, while the Chinese migrated from China to seek better opportunities here. Evangelising to the locals is the major activities of our volunteers there. At the same time, efforts are put in pastoral of our members. We are presently getting our church to be registered and thereafter to have our own place for worship. This will facilitate our divine work over there.

All of our members in Tonga & Samoa come from China. They either have their own shops or working with their relatives. Their English & ability to communicate in the local language is limited to doing business. The work here is mainly pastoral of our members. Some evangelical work is carried out towards relatives of our China members. There are thoughts of evangelising to the locals but the situation is not conducive due to language barrier and the frequent movement of our members. Limited evangelical work is carried out by our volunteer going there. However follow-up is a problem.

Papua New Guinea is not a safe place. Our members here are from China and they stay far from one another. Due to their work condition, their available time is limited. Infrequent pastoral works are carried out here.

1. 2016 - 20th EHDWM Meeting in Sabah

2. 2017 - 21th EHDWM Meeting in Indonesia

3. 2017 - Worship in Cambodia





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