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Updates on Holy Work in Vietnam


Updates on Holy Work in Vietnam

Vietnam Holy Work Group

Recently, the Vietnamese government identified a Christian denomination as a cult organization. A lot of negative press surfaced, such as: persuading its members to abandon their family, relatives and friends; members offering their money to the organization and neglecting their family and children, drinking unknown substances, praying in delirium by some members, and requiring female members to cover their head during services. Many of its members’ families reported their tragic stories to the media and authorities, attracting national attention and concern. It is not easy to preach the gospel in Vietnam to begin with. With the onslaught of the news of the cult, we face even more difficulties in evangelism and must exercise greater caution.

The cult also uses young people, especially those who are in school, to pass on their “gospel” to others in public places such as hospitals, cafes, shopping centers, and trails and gardens. Therefore, when the authorities were informed about this kind of behavior, they sent a lot of security personnel and police to patrol and stop it. Coincidentally, their method of evangelism is just like ours: inviting people to their church to study the Bible and examine the truth. With the news of the cult still ringing in people’s ears, many people have raised their guard against any Christians evangelizing to them, perhaps fearing that they would also fall into and become trapped in the cult organization. We have to not only deal with the authorities, but also bear the risk of people reporting our act of evangelizing— what a crises-riddled situation!

Despite the current situation, we still see the continuous expansion of other church denominations. In addition to local Christian churches in Vietnam, many Korean Christians have also established churches in Vietnam in recent years. More and more Koreans are entering Vietnam to set up factories or do business, which helps the local economy. In addition, the places where Koreans live become a Korean community. This is probably why Koreans have faced few impediments when they want to set up their own churches within their community. Therefore, at the beginning of June this year, we sent a Korean preacher to Vietnam for the first time to assist us and conduct a preliminary exploration. In addition to pastoring the members (including Korean members) living in Vietnam, the preacher also looked for opportunities to evangelize to the Korean community. May the will of the Lord Jesus guide us. We will try our best in any given opportunity to evangelize.

Even when the situation is far from optimistic, we still see the guidance of God. Recently, the number of truth-seeking friends has increased. May God continue to guide them. Lastly, I wish to appeal to everyone to continue in intercession and support. If you know any Vietnamese friends or believers, regardless of whether they are truth-seekers or brethren working abroad in Vietnam, please contact the Vietnam Holy Work Group so that they can follow up and evangelize to them. May all glory be given to the Lord!

New candidates to be ordained
3 brothers and a sister have been cleared by the IA Exco and endorsed by their local churches to be serve as deacons and deaconess. They are slated for ordination during the mid-year spiritual meeting in May 2018.

1. Korean Preacher Myungjo Heo (far right) visiting a member’s house

2. Sis FangFang sharing her testimony to friends

3. Group photos of friends after Bible class





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Created at 2/8/2005 12:16 PM by Grace Lin
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