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Vision for Elder Care


Vision for Elder Care

Public Charity Council of Taiwan GA

Taiwan GA, in accordance with the tax code, set up a Public Charity Council to manage the different groups that receive revenue from goods and services. At present, Rehoboth Welfare Foundation, Palm Tree Literacy Foundation, bookstore, nursing homes, kindergartens, Sacred Orchestra, and Dorcas Love Mission are all under its care.

There are 260 locations for Sabbath services in Taiwan with more than 55,600 members. Currently, only two nursing homes (Puli & Dalin) can accept more residents and they may not be able to cope with the growing elderly population in all the churches in Taiwan.

In the future, the low birthrate and aging population will become serious problems for Taiwan. Due to good health and longevity, the percentage of elderly members exceeds that of the elderly population in Taiwan (14% of the elderly population), and is even higher than the ultra-aged society (20% of the elderly population). Therefore, the church must urgently prepare to care for elderly members.

The results of a survey conducted recently by the Public Charity Council showed that when our members think about life after retirement, they would like to stay in institutions where "there is a chapel for church service.”

However, before the local churches start to set up elderly care centers or retirement homes, we should first manage the Puli and Dalin’s retirement homes well; both locations can currently accommodate more elders from any of our churches in Taiwan (they are not limited to members in the central or south-central regions in Taiwan). Then with adequate resources (in terms of manpower, materials, and financial strength), we will have the capacity to branch out throughout Taiwan or set up retirement homes to implement the plan of “aging in the local church.”

Therefore, we have set up short-term, medium-term, and long-term initiatives for elderly care.

Short-Term: First, with existing land (to reduce the cost of purchase), we can carry out two types of care— nursing and convalescent care, as well as continuing the long-term care training program. Meanwhile, we can request the local churches to promote the Evergreen Fellowship and education classes for the elderly.

Medium-Term: For local churches to plan and implement. Set up local senior day care, home care, and small-scale multifunctional services (which require logistics support from the relevant organization).

Long-Term: Set up according to local conditions and local institutions. Along with already-established locations at other local churches, we can establish a "Senior Care Development Center" which will carry out elder care and has a support network.

Please pray for this ministry and invite all churches to implement the Evergreen or Elderly Fellowship first. The gathering of the Elderly Fellowship (including senior age learning, light exercise, etc) will be more practical than government senior care institutions. It will enhance spiritual joy, revitalize the muscles of the elderly, improve physical strength, stimulate mental capacity, and delay aging.

Since 2018, the Public Charity Council of Taiwan GA has decided that Puli Private Christian Homes of Love will employ retired preachers to assist in pastoral work. Currently, Eld. Joshua Lo and Eld. Sheng Chuan Chen take turns in caring for the elderly members , and deliver the message of the Gospel to the non-believing tenants and staff. They have been warmly welcomed. Thank God!

Nan-Men Church was the first to begin elder care services, then Lunwei Church and now to the current planning and operation of the nursing institutions in Puli and Dalin, the work of elder care started by our predecessors should not only be passed on, but also carried forward and spread. The main purpose of this work is to fulfill the love of our Lord Jesus.

We hope that the nursing works in Puli and Dalin pioneer elder care in the True Jesus Church. And through improving the quality of service, our “Elderly Care Development Center” can be developed and faithfully implemented in all the churches. So all the local organizations that care for our church’s elderly members, or the senior day care centers, nursing homes, and home care centers can become the happiest experience for every elderly member, as well as serving as a platform for preaching the gospel to the elderly.

1. Members and Care Team of Public Charity Council in Dalin Nursing Home

2. Staff’s hymn singing and group photo in Senior Appreciation Service at Puli Nursing Home

3. Staff’s hymn singing and group photo in Senior Appreciation Service at Puli Nursing Home





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Created at 10/3/2013 7:12 AM by Yi-Yun Liu
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