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Update on Moscow Church’s Holy Work


Update on Moscow Church’s Holy Work

Russia Ministry Team

The Moscow church has a practice of having a special service every new year. The New Year's Evangelical Service took place January 1-2 and Student Spiritual Convocation January 4-5. One month prior, the church mobilized all members to fast and pray twice a week during breakfast.

The preacher who was assigned to assist with Moscow’s holy work developed a cold and severe cough. He was the only worker assigned and a replacement couldn’t be found on such short notice, so he relied on his faith and came to Moscow. Thank God, the temperature in Moscow remained above zero degrees Celsius for several days around New Year’s, which was a rare occurrence in the past 100 years. In an addition, because Moscow church had replaced the chapel’s heating system and carpets before winter, the indoor temperature was much higher than in previous years. Through the loving intercession of co-workers and brethren, the preacher rarely coughed and remained healthy without affecting the holy work.

Thank God! There were 29 believers and 28 truth seekers (10 of whom attended service for the first time) who attended the evangelical service. Two primary school age truth seekers also participated in Student Spiritual Convocation after the evangelical service. Everyone rejoiced happily for an “especially warm” New Year.

During the 10 days the preacher was in Moscow, he shared his experiences in evangelism in his local area and encouraged the council members and all believers to preach actively. Immediately after the spiritual convocation, the Moscow church set up a WeChat group and held an extended council meeting to discuss how to carry out evangelism. After the discussion, the council members decided to set up three gospel teams, hold regular family evangelical services, and show concern for and follow up with truth seekers in teams.

In addition, the council members also resolved to set up an online truthseeker class and encourage all truthseekers to participate and learn. Each gospel team is responsible for individual supervision and assistance. All members pray for them every day. The textbook is The Pursuit of Faith published by our church for truthseekers, which consists of 6 modules and 25 lessons. Starting from January 28, three members are responsible for uploading the lesson, quizzes, and devotionals in the WeChat group. There are two lessons per week and all lessons will be completed in late April. The truth seekers who complete the study will be encouraged to be baptized during the evangelical service and spiritual convocation in early May.

We pray that the Lord Jesus guides us. May all brethren in the world intercede for us! Hallelujah, Amen!

1. Hymn presentation and group photos during the evangelical service in Moscow Church

2. Hymn presentation and group photos during the evangelical service in Moscow Church

3. Class and group photos during Student Spiritual Convocation in Moscow Church

4. Class and group photos during Student Spiritual Convocation in Moscow Church





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Created at 11/21/2013 10:01 PM by Yi-Yun Liu
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