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Holy Work Update of Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia


Holy Work Update of Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia

Wan-Fa Chen

◆ Seek, and you will find
A lady named Sok Lang was a Christian. In October 2016, she fasted for three days and three nights for seeking the truth. Miraculously, through her friend, she was able to make contact with our church members, Theara and Sarun. Our church workers immediately met up with Sok Lang.

◆ TJC has the truth and the Holy Spirit
Theara and Sarun introduced the truth of the Sabbath according to the Bible. Sok Lang fully accepted the truth; since then, she started to keep the Sabbath in her home. Our church workers then started to share about the Holy Spirit, which is the promise of the Lord Jesus. Sok Lang, who was eager to accept the truth, fully believed in it after she comprehended it. Then she received the precious Holy Spirit after she again fasted and prayed for three days.

◆ Spread the Gospel, assigned by the Holy Spirit
After the truth-seeker Sok Lang received the Holy Spirit, she proactively spread the gospel and established three locations for observing the Sabbath. She attended Sabbath services in these locations in caring for them. Although she was not a TJC member yet, she was already firm in our church’s beliefs. The pastor of her previous church hindered her in many ways; her mother and her siblings prosecuted her even to the point that her brother took a knife and chased her. Under God’s grace, she passed through the dangerous crises safely.

◆ Had a stroke. After receiving baptism, was able to walk
Sok Lang’s cousin had a stroke for two years and was unable to walk and access her room, because there was a hole in the stairs. If she were not careful, she would fall when stepping on the hole, which was very dangerous. Therefore, she had to sleep under a tree for about two years. Then Sok Lang, who was still a truth-seeker, shared the gospel with her based on the Bible. She listened to it and believed in the power of the Lord Jesus. By constant prayers and trust in the Lord, unknowingly she was able to function as a normal person, and even could go up and down the stairs faster than a preacher. Hence, God’s glory was manifested in that area.

◆ He who seeks the truth finds it
Mr. Uh Mao believed in Jesus for 16 years. Later through his own Bible studying, he found that keeping the Sabbath is correct. Therefore, he started to keep the Sabbath at his home. During this period, he consequently consulted two pastors, and they all answered him that Sunday is the Sabbath day. Uh Mao continued to ask other people. One day among his contact list, he found Mali. And then Mali told Uh Mao, “My sister Sok Lang follows True Jesus Church’s practice to observe the Sabbath.” How amazing it is!

Then Sis. Sok Lang took hold of this opportunity to explain the truth of the Sabbath to Uh Mao by phone and contacted Theara and Sarun to have service at Uh Mao’s home. Thus, another location for worshipping on Sabbath day was established. They invited relatives and friends to attend the Sabbath service, and then more people believed in the Lord.

◆ God opened up the Gospel in Kampong Thom province
It is a fact and an absolute truth that the Holy Spirit promised by God is in TJC, as we see that Sok Lang, Mali, and Uh Mao who sought for truth, led by God, came to True Jesus Church which harbors the truth and the Holy Spirit. Three of them diligently spread the gospel of salvation. At present, seven worship locations were established along with 49 people baptized.

1. First ESSC in Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia on October 22, 2017

2. First Baptism during ESSC in Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia on October 22, 2017

3. Second ESSC in Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia on January 27, 2018

4. Second Baptism during ESSC in Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia on January 27, 2018





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