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Holy Work Report on Hong Kong and Macau


Holy Work Report on Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong Coordination Board

Ap Cha Story Room
By concerted efforts of all parties concerned, the Ap Chau story room was open on 8th April 2018 after 2 years of preparation. Apart from the heritage, development, culture and special landform of Ap Chau village, the story room also recorded the grace of God to the Ap Chau villagers and the wonderful arrangement of God in preaching the Gospel.

Although Ap Chau was a tiny fishing village and the least populated island in Hong Kong, God chose it to spread the Gospel. One could feel the Grace of God and His guidance to this little island during the preparation work of the story room. The opening of the Ap Chau story room would let people know more about Ap Chau, as well as True Jesus Church.

The Hong Kong Coordination Board planned to make good use of the Ap Chau story room in evangelistic work. The church has arranged a team of docents to introduce to visitors the missionary history, testimony, common faith, as well as our church locations and service times during guided tours in the story room. Please pray for this work. May our work be pleasing in the eyes of our Lord and our work be fruitful.

Pioneer Area of Macau
Currently, family services are held twice monthly in Macau, once on Sabbath and once on Sunday. The family services are led by Hong Kong Church’s resident preacher, church board members and youth members. RE teachers are also arranged to provide religious education. Sabbath service and evening service on Wednesday and Friday are also broadcasted to the members.

Four of the Macau members also attended the Spiritual Convocation of Hong Kong church in April in pursuit for spiritual grace.

Thanks to the guidance of God, TJC members of other regions often go to visit and care for the Macau members. Truth-seekers also attend the services. May God continue to lead the evangelistic work in Macau, strengthen the faith of the members and spread the Gospel throughout Macau. May all glory be unto our Lord Jesus.

Other Pioneer Area
On 21st – 27th December 2017, Deacon Luke Yip and 3 volunteers made a missionary trip to Cambodia. They assisted with the spiritual convocation in Prey Veng, as well as the holy work in Phnom Penh. Besides helping out with holy work, they also held a forum with the volunteer workers to share their experience in giving sermon, and gave a short English lesson. Please keep praying for the Cambodian pioneer area and may God continue to lead the holy work there.

1. Landform of Ap Chau

2. Ap Chau Story Room

3. Place of worship in Macau

4. Prayer House in Cambodia





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