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Pioneering areas in Eastern Hemisphere


Pioneering areas in Eastern Hemisphere

Joshua Phoong

All praises be given unto God for His guidance in the pioneering work in the Eastern Hemisphere. Despite some difficulties and setbacks that we face, we are able to see the direction and guidance of God. It was He who opens the door for the Word. Below are some of the latest developments in these new pioneering areas.

Time and again we have new contacts writing to us from areas where the gospel is yet to be preached. Many of whom came to know us through the internet. We will correspond with them through the internet and when the time is suitable, we will visit these areas.

Recently, a contact from Bangladesh wrote to us. Bangladesh has a population of about 170 million. 90.5% of the population are Muslim, 8.5% are Hindus, 0.6% Buddhist and 0.4% Christians. This contact came from a Hindu majority village. From the internet, he found that our teachings are in accordance to the Bible. Through our correspondence & explanation on the truth, he accepted and started practicing the truth in their small congregation. We then decided to visit them.

This congregation is in a Hindu village. They were introduced to Jesus through the activities of a Christian group. However the activities of the group do not include the setting up of church. After knowing Christ this group worshipped the Lord themselves. They were the only group believing in Jesus in this predominantly Hindu village. They were ridiculed & persecuted. Their children have to leave the village to study in mission schools in the city. There they are exposed to different practices. They brought these practices back to the village. They began to read the Bible and found that the other denominations are not following the truth. It is then that one of them searched the internet to know what the other denominations practices. Through their desire for the truth, they manage to find out about the True Jesus Church.

Pioneering work here face many challenges. Hinduism is a minority religion here, and they face much persecution from the Muslims. The other Hindu majority areas show reluctance to change. They show great resistance to what they consider as outside influence to their culture and religion. We find this small congregation here sincere in searching for the truth. Please pray for them that the Lord will open their hearts to the truth.

Laos is a communist country with a population of about 7 million. 64.7% of the population are Buddhist, 31.4% are Lao Folk religion and 1.7% Christians. A member of our church has several business contacts there and brought our retired preacher to pioneer into this country. We have made a few trips there, sharing the gospel with some of these contacts.

Although we have members moving to Cambodia in the mid 90’s, it is only after 2005 that active evangelism is carried out in Cambodia. Through the guidance of God, the evangelical work here moved from the city of Phnom Penh to the villages in the rural area. Today we have about 300 members in Cambodia. Pastoral work is carried out with a few workers.

In order to strengthen the divine work in Cambodia, the work in Cambodia is allocated to the care of Taiwan GA. In 2019, we will see active participation of Taiwan GA in the divine work in Cambodia. A preacher will be stationed there. A well-structured plan will be put in place to develop the church there.

Pacific Island
In the Pacific Island region, we have members in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea. In Fiji, we started the divine work here by preaching to the local indigenous and Indian people. We have two congregations of local members here. Later, we have China members arriving here to do business. Now we have two Chinese members congregation located in two areas.

In Tonga, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea, all our members are Chinese who have migrated here for a better livelihood. Our main work in these islands is to pastor our Chinese members. To be more effective in pastoring the Chinese members in these Islands, we have enlisted the assistance of the preachers from East Asia. This year we have a China preacher assisting in the Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. We hope to have continued support from ministers in China in our divine work here.

Once again, we thank the Lord God for His guidance in this work.

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Created at 4/5/2005 6:12 PM by Grace Lin
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