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Current Development of Holy Work in Dubai


Current Development of Holy Work in Dubai – Report on the 2014 Dubai Spiritual Convocation

Pr. Raymond Chou

As I heard the sound of airplane wheels hitting the ground of the world renowned Dubai, I felt excited, yet slightly anxious. Thank the Lord for the chance to come here to hold a Spiritual Convocation with the brothers and sisters and to share the grace of the Lord.

There are approximately over twenty members in Dubai. Other than a young couple from the United Kingdom, the members are brothers and sisters from Nigeria. Thank the Lord that during the three-day Spiritual Convocation, several truth seeking friends attended and studied the words of the Bible with us. Even though the intense discussion revealed that we had a different understanding of the Truth, it showed that we were all pursuing the Truth and we all had strict learning ethics.

The topic for mutual sharing of this Spiritual Convocation is the re-building of the wall as recorded in the book of Nehemiah. Through the change in the history of the elect, we pondered on the challenges faced by the believers and the breakthrough that must take place. A busy life, blinded eyes, and hidden enemies became the main obstacles causing the elect to stop their work. Perhaps today we are also trapped in the same difficult situation. Only when we have learned how to reset our steps, see through the tricks of our enemies, and have spiritual companions to help one another will we be able to rebuild a magnificent city wall for our faith in this crooked generation.

The baptism that took place on Sunday marked a historical moment for the Dubai gathering place of service as this was the first baptism held there. Thank the Lord’s grace, four brothers and sisters became new members of the house of God. Before the baptism, the church arranged a near-two-hour discussion class to reconfirm their understanding of faith and determination to come under the Lord. May the Lord continue to bestow grace and blessing and guide them so that the members of Dubai may be encouraged in their faith, stand firm in a challenging environment and bear good fruits to glorify the holy name of the Lord Jesus in the land that God has blessed them with.

2014 Dubai Spiritual Convocation

Photo taken at the first baptism conducted in Dubai





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