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An Overview of Sacred Work in Canada


An Overview of Sacred Work in Canada

Canadian Coordination Centre

Canada is a country with a vast expanse of land, an area of over 9.98 billion sq. km. The population is just over 36 million, mostly concentrated in the southern part. USA is the neighboring country on a ribbon like border. Canada is a multi-cultural country with different ethnic groups living harmoniously together. Toronto is the largest city with people speaking over 200 languages. Half of the people speak their mother tongues other than English and French. The multi-cultural level is quite close to what Jesus mentioned to the disciples in his instructions regarding “all nations” – “Go and make disciples of all nations!”

The Holy Spirit, through His workers, has established four churches, two prayer houses and three places of worship in Canada, altogether there are 924 members. Vancouver is located in the province of British Columbia, which is on the Pacific Ocean. This is a vast picture of beautiful scenery: with mountains at the back and proximity to the ocean with numerous parks and green trees. There are Vancouver Church and Surrey Place of Worship. Further to the east of approximately fourteen hours by car is Calgary Church which “rides in the heights of the earth” at over 1000 meters above sea level in the province of Alberta. The air is fresh there and it is close to the Banff National Park. The Lethbridge Place of Worship is about two hours by car from Calgary, and is located at the southeast of Calgary. Further north about three hours by car from Calgary is Edmonton Church in Alberta, where the northern lights can be seen occasionally. Flying from there by airplane to the east for 4 hours is Toronto Church, which is located in the Five Great Lakes Area of Canada. It is close to Niagara Falls with driving for about over one hour. Toronto Church, Kitchener Prayer House and Ottawa Place of Worship are all in the province of Ontario. Montreal Prayer House is about 6 hours driving from Toronto Church. Montreal is a French speaking city, which resembles Europe the most though it is not in Europe.

There are bible studies in Surrey Place of Worship and Bible Study Fellowships in Vancouver Church during weekdays. Vancouver Church also helps the pastoral work in Seattle of US. Surrey is about 30 mins by car from Vancouver. There are about 50 members. Friday evening services and Sabbath Day Services are held at a rental church of another denomination. The members in Lethbridge Place of Worship are few, but most of the time there are over 10 truth seekers attending services. This shows evidently that the Holy Spirit is working there. Canadian Coordination Council is much concerned about the progress of the holy work there. May the Lord guide the holy work there. Toronto Church plays great emphasis on bible studies targeting different age groups with different objectives and evangelical strategies. For example, there are the publication of the “Living Water” – a 4 pages periodical, gospel tea fellowships, and hymnal evangelical services, etc.

At the present time, most of the members of Canadian churches are Chinese and truth seekers baptized are also mostly Chinese from Mainland China. Thank God! Occasionally there are truth seekers other than Chinese attending services. However, it is difficult for them to stay for long. We earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit will work and guide us in this respect of the work. In June and July of this year, three preachers in Canada have been sent by International Assembly, two to help out the holy work in Africa and one in South America. Thank God that He allows Canada to partake in the global holy work and local churches have the opportunities to be self-pastoring. In recent years, Lord Jesus has used many young holy workers in local churches. Their faith and service have grown to maturity. Step by step they take up the responsibilities of the Church Council. They have the determination to serve God that they request proactively for training in leading sermons and pastoral work. It is believed that in the passing on of the holy work, God has His new commission according to His will. May all churches pray for the holy work in Canada.

1. ESSC in Calgary, Canada on Sep 15-17, 2017

2. 2018 Toronto Church Spring Convocation - Group Photo before Church





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