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New Zealand Holy Work Update


New Zealand Holy Work Update

Pr. Fu-An Shih

IA assigned Elder Fuming Tse and Preacher Simon Chin to assist with the Spring and Autumn Evangelical Service & Spiritual Convocations for the churches in New Zealand. In total, 30 people were baptized, and 33 people received the Holy Spirit. In East Auckland Church, 4 people were baptized, and 7 received the Holy Spirit. In Auckland Church, 23 people were baptized, and 22 received the Holy Spirit. In Christchurch Church, 3 people were baptized, and 4 received the Holy Spirit.

Starting this year, East Auckland Church arranged evangelical service in the morning and testimony session in the afternoon on the last Saturday of each month. They extended the lunch period by 30 minutes for adult choir practice and holy workers’ training. Auckland Church formally established a prayer house in the western district with three board members., and found a location that they could rent consistently. Their evangelical work is progressing steadily, and their members are becoming stronger in faith day by day. North Shore Prayer House also set up three board members,is renting a suitable place and started holding Sabbath service. Since the Sabbath service began, many truth-seekers have joined. Thank God! Christchurch Church is proactively reconstructing and reinforcing her chapel. May God guide the work!

College Youth Spiritual Convocation was held November 18-23, 2017 with the theme of “Christology.” IA assigned Elder Joshua Phoong to assist with this event. There were 21 students, 43 counselors, and 27 members who received Holy Communion during this event. Student Spiritual Convocation was held July 7-13, 2018, andhe theme was “A Life of Prayer.” IA assigned Preacher Ezra Chong to assist with this event. There were 21 students,7 counselors,4 received the Holy Spirit and 38 members who received Holy Communion during this event.

This year the director of the IA Eastern Hemisphere Department arranged for the Council Members Spiritual Convocation in New Zealand, which was held on both North Island and South Island. IA assigned Preacher Ezra Chong to conduct this event, which received positive feedback from believers. Thank God!

1. 14th New Zealand Student Spiritual Convocation in East Auckland Church, 7-13 July, 2018

2. Service in North Shore Prayer House

3. Prayer House in the Western District





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