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West Malaysia General Assembly 69th National Church Conference Report


West Malaysia General Assembly 69th National Church Conference Report

West Malaysia GA

With the changing of seasons and passing of another year, it is again time to reflect on the progress of holy work and plan for the coming new year. The West Malaysia General Assembly held its 69th National Church Conference on November 27, 2016. This conference welcomed the newly established system of first re-election; having re-elected one new group of council members to oversee holy work over the following three years. May God continue to watch over the continual establishment of the great cause of God’s kingdom.

Chairman Eld. Joshua Phoong mentioned in his speech that the planning process for this new regulation began ten years ago. Over these ten years, a group of soldiers were cultivated for God’s work to become church’s leaders, take up the work, oversee the church, and to ensure the church can maintain a stable growth. He thanked God that this group of workers has grown up in spiritual stature, has accumulated experiences of power and are filled with zeal and passion to give for the Lord. The baton having been passed on, and the plow in their hands, he firmly believes this new group of workers will have the power to carry out the work according to God’s will with a gentle and humble attitude. At the same time they are to constantly remind themselves to “not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think” (Romans 12:3), and they are to be able overcome the weakness of human nature – showing off one’s own achievements before men.

The elder also did not forget to remind the workers to not act recklessly; i.e., to delight in others’ praise, or to let pride immerse into their service because when workers ask for others’ respect, submission, and recognition of one’s one achievements, it is also the time when they may easily stumble and fall short of God’s glory. On the contrary, workers must at all times examine themselves. They must never to quench the movement of the Holy Spirit and are always to be willing to receive other’s public rebuke. Remember, workers are only servants of God, useless vessels entrusted to serve God and men, not to be served by humans or worshiped. Each according to their own gifts is to fulfil their roles. Every work is different, however, under the guidance of the same Spirit, the purpose is to build up the body of Christ the Church.

Lastly, the chairman encouraged the workers to not regard the work of God’s kingdom as only surely to be filled with hardships, but, to abide by their given gifts and talents to fulfil what has been entrusted by the master. Workers must be proactive, not needing the urging of other. They must be able to pursue and walk with the Lord diligently until the day the commission has been fulfilled.

◈ 2017-2019 West Malaysia GA Council Member List:

Chairman: Pr. Ezekiel Chong
General Affairs: Dn. Nathanael Ko
Financial Affairs: Eld. Andrew Tee
Pastoral Affairs: Dn. Isaiah Chang
Evangelical Affairs: Pr. Hosea Ho
Training: Pr. Daniel Chin
Youth Affairs: Dn. Thomas Tee
Education Affairs: Dn. Aaron Tan
Literary Affairs: Dn. Jeremiah Chang
North Region: Dn. Jonah Tan
Perak Region: Pr. Amos Chow
Central Region Coordinator: Dn. Isaac Lee
South Region: Pr. Habakkuk Hsu
Auditor: Bro. Cheng Yam Tan, Dn. Barnabas Chung

Note: New regulations will take effect starting in 2017. GA council members have three years per term; at most three consecutive terms for a total of nine years.

Chairman’s encouragement

Church Delegates focused during the meeting

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