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Twentieth Core Team Campus Fellowships Training Camp


Twentieth Core Team Campus Fellowships Training Camp

Pastoral Department of Taiwan GA

Thanks to God’s guidance that the twentieth College Campus Fellowships Training Camp has been held February 6-10, 2017 (Monday to Friday). The registration was on February 6 in the morning, and the opening ceremony started at 11am. About 200 attendees of the core members of college fellowship participated in this event.

Core Team Training serves to cultivate all kinds of core members of the campus fellowship, so that the college students can be spiritually nourished through the fellowship gatherings, inspire one another, and extend work places for the gospel in their campus lives.

Therefore, the curriculum of the core team training camp was divided into several parts. The first part was the general classes which contain: What is fellowship? co-working and interpersonal interaction, being a competent housekeeper of truth, succession of core team, how the fellowship core team is to interact with the church, the strategy of spreading the gospel in campus, evangelical follow-up skills, balanced servitude, knowledge plus understanding, crisis management course, etc.

The second part was the administrative grouping. The attendees were divided into different groups according to the work divisions in the fellowship, such as coordinator group, activity group, curriculum group, and caring group.

The third part was practicum sessions; all the groups were divided into three equal parts, with three sessions for practical caring, Bible study, and visitor accompaniment/conversing for the truth.

The fourth part had morning and evening prayer sessions, led by the residential preachers of each respective church region. Through the topics of the responsibility of kneeling down, praying for the gifts, and facing frustration in the evening prayer session, we encouraged the attendees to work hard in prayer. The core members in each group took turns at the front for having laying hand by preachers during prayer session in the morning and in the evening.

During the campus fellowship core team training, in addition to the knowledge, we also especially provided the attendees more practical trainings, so that they may not only self-manage their daily routine, but also learn how to control their time. A test for general classes was held on Thursday afternoon, not only for assessing the attendees’ learning result, but also for examining whether they are qualified to receive core team members training certificate (seventy passed). Thank God! Most of the students passed the test!

Some attendees would be late for the next few days in the beginning. But in the last few days, almost none were late; the growth of the attendees was seen. We further thank God that the training could be completed smoothly as scheduled. May all the glory, honor, and praise be to God. Amen!





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