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Updates on the Cambodia Holy Work


Advancing the Gospel through Evangelizing to Children

Pr. Wan Fa Chen

Through the ministry in Cambodia, we have established 15 gathering places for service and 11 places for service for children. The volunteers from abroad train the workers to fit our needs, with the main goal of promoting evangelism to children. Naturally, the parents also attend services with their children. Therefore, the workers go out in pairs on Sabbath services, one in charge of services for the adults, while the other leads services for the children.

There are many forces behind promoting children’s evangelism: Deacon Rong Can Xiao from Taiwan led a team every year to hold a children’s Bible camp; Preacher Li Rong Chen led religious education teachers to conduct short-term intensive trainings; sister Bin Lin Chen, Mei En Huang, Jia Hui Huang from Neihu Church strengthened the religious education worship services; volunteers from Malaysia and Hong Kong etc. also contributed to promoting the growth of our religious education.

By God’s grace, the religious education teachers in Cambodia have conducted large-scale evangelical services for children with more than 30 children attending in two places in Prey Veng Province and two in Kampong Speu Province. Arrangements have been made to hold religious education services during regular Sabbath services or evening services.

Thank the Lord, holding the children’s Bible camp is equivalent to evangelizing to children. The parents also attended to care for their children. We also held evangelical services for adults and these parents have been regular truthseekers. After eight to nine months, they have gradually understood the truth. Once we have reinforced the teachings of our doctrines, the parents would lead their children to receive the baptism of water in accordance with the truth at the Spiritual Convocation.

Since we have strengthened the children’s services at various places, the need for workers has become increasingly great. Some are needed to conduct the children’s services while others are needed to facilitate the services for adults. By the promise of the Bible, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20). Currently, we have the following religious education teachers (names translated using Chinese pinyin): Shalun, Tielan, Tiela, Ganzhenna, Shupowan, Sunna, Ni, Latana, Laxing, and Xienie etc.

As a result, there are currently 11 places for children’s services and services are held regardless of the number of children attending. Thank the Lord, these youth workers work together in unity and submissiveness. God’s promises are certainly trustworthy and reliable (Matthew 9:38). We will continue to pray for the Lord to grant us with more workers to promote various types of holy work and to establish the church that glories the true God.

Combodia_Adult Evangelism in Obort

Combodia_Children Evangelism in Obort

Combodia_Children Evangelism in Vearl Thom

Comboida_Adult Evangelism in Vearl Thom





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Created at 8/6/2012 2:26 PM by Sarah Pai
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