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Posting of prayer requests from around the country
Expand/Collapse Status : A. Recent ‎(2)
Expand/Collapse Category : 1. Global Sacred Work ‎(1)
Church divine works, including:

o Preacher and divine workers worldwide
o Evangelistic works in pioneering areas
o Evangelistic and Divine works in Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide and Fiji World evangelism works
o Special prayer for evangelistic work in Sydney&Fiji (God's guidance, direction, goals, human resources, financial support)
o More Youth to be workers
o Church board and church work plans
o New Church Board, SYFEXCO and ACBEXCO
o Religious Education Unit

o Sydney Campus Fellowship, SYF Committee
o UCF University Campus Fellowship
o Sydney Middleage Fellowship
Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide and Fiji
Expand/Collapse Category : 5. Other ‎(1)

Expand/Collapse Status : C. Ongoing ‎(5)
Expand/Collapse Category : 3. Local/Regional Sacred Work ‎(2)
o Security,unity and peace of Sydney church
o Church committee and church work plans
Expand/Collapse Category : 4. Illnesses ‎(1)
o Dn Philip Kong
o Sis Paulina Jenkins
o Bro Wee
o Bro Jin Yu
Sydney and around the World
Expand/Collapse Category : 5. Other ‎(2)
o Youths of marriageble age
o Overseas students
o The newly baptised
o Leaders and security of our country
o Rain (drought areas)
o Our own spiritual nurture
o Fellowships in Sydney Church
o Unbelieving family members, truth seekers and friends of TJC
o Students who are having exams
o Leaders and security of our country
Sydney, Australia