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Australia Coordination Board

Australia Coordination Board

Australia Coordination Board
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  About the Australia Coordination Board

 Contact Information

    Street Address45-47 Campbell Street
    State/ProvinceNew South Wales
    Postal Code2150
    Mailing Address45-47 Campbell Street
    Mailing CitySydney
    Mailing State/ProvinceNew South Wales
    Mailing Postal Code2150
    Main Phone+61 2 9633-2388
    2nd Phone
    Fax Number+61 2 9633-2266
    Contact PersonDeacon Phillip Kong
    Resident PastorZephaniah Li
    Pastor's Phone Number
    Year Established2009



The Australia Coordination Board was formed by the four churches in Australia, under the direction of the International Assembly of True Jesus Church. The four churches are located in different states namely, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

In 1998, the First National Church Conference (NCC) and ACB Executive Committee (EXCO) Meetings were held. From among the NCC delegates, seven ACB EXCO members were elected. Under the ACB EXCO, five departments and one committee were formed. They are referred to as EPAD (Evangelical and Pastoral Affairs Department), ETD (Education and Training Department), LED (Literary Evangelical Department), FAD (Financial Affairs Department), GAD (General Affairs Deparment) and BC (Bylaws Committee).

The purpose of the Australia Coordination Board are as follows:

  1.  To co-ordinate all churches and houses of prayer in worshipping and serving the One True God.
  2.  To proclaim the true and complete Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ and to observe the teachings of the Holy Spirit.
  3.  To prepare for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus.

In 2002, during the 3rd NCC and ACB EXCO Meetings, the following three additional workgroups were formed under ACB EXCO, namely Fiji Mission Committee (FMC), Australia Youth Fellowship (AYF) and Legalization Project Team (LPT).

In 2005, 8 deacons and 1 deaconess were newly ordained. All the ministers attended the 4th NCC and ACB EXCO Meetings either as ACB EXCO members or as observers. Immediately after the NCC and ACB EXCO Meetings, a joint meeting with the ministers from the New Zealand Coordination Board was also held to discuss the future direction of divine works in the Oceania region.

Besides the four churches in Australia (i.e. Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), there is currently one prayer house in Darwin (Northern Territories). Regular Sabbath services are also being conducted in Adelaide (South Australia). In 2006, during the 5th NCC and ACB EXCO Meetings, the Darwin Mission Committee (DMC) and Adelaide Mission Committee (AMC) were formed under EPAD to coordinate the works in these two newly developed areas.



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