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July 20
Thailand Brief
True Jesus Church in Thailand
The First Seed
In 1956, Mr Ng Hai Po received a publication entitled “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” from an American pastor of his church who was visiting from Hong Kong. After reading the book, Mr. Ng resolved to pray for the Holy Spirit. However, he did not receive the Holy Spirit even after praying day and night for two months.
In 1957, Miss Wen Kui Qi, a friend of Mr. Ng, attended a Spiritual Meeting in Sungai Petani Church, Malaysia. When she returned to Hat Yai in Southern Thailand, she told Mr. Ng that he had to pray in the name of the Lord Jesus in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Mr. Ng prayed in the manner she suggested and eventually received the Holy Spirit. On 11th March in the same year, Dn. Ho Chong Seng and three others from Sungai Petani Church came to Hat Yai to conduct an evangelistic service. Miss Wen, Mr. Ng and their relatives and friends were baptized into the Lord.
In the same year, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the number of believers increased to 30. They rented a house and made it a place of worship. On 15th August 1957, Hat Yai Church was established and the building was dedicated to the Lord. A spiritual meeting was conducted in conjunction with the church dedication ceremony. About 50 to 60 members attended the dedication service, including more than 20 members from Sungai Petani Church, Kulim and Padang Serai.
True Jesus Church in Thailand over the Years
However, due to political instability at the border between Malaysia and Thailand, it was difficult to obtain visas to enter Thailand during that period. Therefore, the newly established church lacked the care of shepherds. Without a firm foundation in the truth and proper guidance, the member’s faith wavered. Later, when many started to leave Hat Yai for the other cities to earn their livelihood, the True Jesus Church at Hat Yai was dissolved.
In 1983, 25 years later losing contact with the members, Dn. Ho Chong Seng and Dn. Mark Chua came to Thailand to look for Bro. Ng Hai Po (named Bro. Peter Ng after baptism). With the assistance of a pastor from the Pentecostal Church in Bangkok, they managed to preach the gospel to the central and northern parts of Thailand – Phrankratai, Chiangmai and other areas. Many friends from other denominations were baptized into the Lord (among them was Dn. John who is currently pasturing the True Jesus Church in Chiangmai, Thailand).
In 1985, Dn. John moved from Chiangmai to Bangkok and family services were held at his rented house for about 3 years. In 1987, the venue for services shifted to Bro. Lu Mei Chang’s residence.
From 1988 to 1989, services again ceased temporarily. This was due to the lack of shepherds to pastor the members and the weak faith of the believers as they had to move around to earn their livelihood.
From 1990 to 1996, Dn. Jonah Yap and a co-worker gathered once again at Bro. Lu Mei Chang’s house to conduct services, continued the pastoral work and established a prayer house there.
Areas of Concern
Concern for the Ministry
- It is vital that preachers are sent to the churches in Thailand on a regular and continuous basis. We need to build up the faith of the flock.
- There must be training for evangelical, pastoral, and interpreting personnel.
- There must be training for full-time religious education personnel.
Concern for their daily lives
- We can inculcate in them values such as being diligent in their work as well as leading simple lives.
- Many in the rural parts of Thailand are engaged in agriculture as a means of livelihood. We can advice them on matters such as using economic fertilizers as well as having reliable distributor.
Concern for financial matters
The churches in Thailand require IA and Taiwan GA to continually supply financial aid for all church works to be carried out.
We request that overseas brethren who come to Thailand on tours, if they wish, to donate to the coordination board of Thailand as offerings. The coordination board will meet to decide how best to utilize the funds to aid the churches in the country as well as meet the needs of the members. This is to prevent mismanagement of funds or any other undesirable events from occurring.
God’s Special Blessings
Paul said, “For the gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…” (Rom 1:16). He also said, “It is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy…” (Rom 9:16). The following are some testimonies to glorify God’s name.
The Holy Spirit descends upon the gentiles
Bro. Tang Sik Kuang, a firm atheist, originally came to church with an attitude just to ‘test and see’. However, during a prayer, he received the Holy Spirit. Since then, he has been actively accompanying preachers on their visitation rounds and bringing many truth-seekers to church. Some of the truth-seekers also received the Holy Spirit and were baptized into the Lord.
The supplication of the faithful
Madam Yap Qiao Yong’s husband, seriously ill, had been bed-ridden for ten days. He was unable to eat or drink. Though her husband was not a believer, God heard her earnest prayers and her husband’s illness was healed. He is able to resume work now.
God’s miraculous healing
Madam Yap Mei Yong was afflicted with breast cancer for 18 years. She was praying earnestly to God in one of her prayers when she felt cool wind blowing down from above. She felt very comfortable at that instant. Later on, when she went for her medical check-up, the doctor confirmed that her sickness was healed.
Our Hope and Prayer
Some say that Thailand is ‘a Buddhist country’ as approximately 95% of her people is Buddhists. They say it is not easy to preach the gospel here. But the gospel is God’s Word and it has power. We thank the Lord Jesus that since March 2002, 17 have been baptized into the Lord, 34 have received the Holy Spirit and more than 100 truth-seekers have attended the evangelistic services here. There are many others who have come to discuss the truth with us.
All members and truth-seekers alike in Thailand need our concern and prayers.

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