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Truth Discernment

Wilful Sinning (II)

The wilful sinning in the context of Hebrews brings about a much more severe punishment (Heb. 10:29), in the light that they have already been given the knowledge of truth (Heb.10:26). The sinning here comprises of three main counts:

1. To trample the Son of God underfoot — this has to be looked at with Elder John’s vision in mind. The outer court of the temple is trampled underfoot (Rev. 11:2). The timeframe given is 42 months. This is the same period of time in which Satan would relentlessly attack the church (Rev. 13:5-6) and God, with pompous and profaning words. Today, the Son of God (Jesus) is no longer present in the flesh. Since the church is His body, an act of desecration (speaking maliciously and causing division) against the church is equal to trampling the Son underfoot.

2. To count the blood of the covenant by which one is sanctified a common thing — the vision Peter saw defines the meaning of being ‘common’: ‘what God has cleansed (sanctified) you must not call common’ (Acts 10:15; 11:9). The vision is not just about food. It is more about accepting the gentile believers to be part of the church. The reason is God has granted them the repentance unto life (Acts 11:18). The apostolic church, though being predominantly Jewish people, must accept the gentiles whom God had sanctified. Similarly, by the blood of Jesus the church enters a covenant with God. We are guilty of despising the covenant initiated by Jesus’ blood if we claim that the church is common (like any other denominational churches).

3. To insult the Spirit of grace — this basically means blaspheming against the Spirit. In the light of the account of Matthew, to attribute God’s power to the power of Satan is nothing short of going against the Holy Spirit (Mt. 12:31). However, it is equally blasphemous to consider the work of Satan to be the work of God. Such an insult is uttered on account of one being deceived and disregarding the work of God.


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