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Understanding Sufferings


Since it is beneficial for us to go through suffering, Peter tells us that we are to expect tribulations in our lives (1 Pet 4:17). If we suffer according to the will of God, we become partakers of Christ’s sufferings. In fact, Jesus was exalted through His sufferings. In like manner, when we suffer, we enter into the sufferings of Christ, through which we shall be exalted together with Him when He comes again.

Being able to suffer for Christ is commendable, but we may still find it hard to bear. Although the way forward may not be readily recognizable in times of suffering, we ought to be patient and believe that the Spirit of God rests upon us (1 Pet 4:14). This attitude will direct our hearts into the love and patience of Christ (2 Thess 3:5). We will focus on committing ourselves to Him in doing good (1 Pet 4:19). In this way, we will follow Christ’s example when He was severely reviled (1 Pet 2:23) and, at the same time, free ourselves from the burden of anxiety.

If we fall into various trials for the sake of Christ, we must count it as joy as we shall receive tremendous blessings (Jas 1:2; 1 Pet 4:14). We will become vessels of God to magnify His power in these trials. Most importantly, we will be instruments of God’s glory (1 Pet 4:14, 16), which is the ultimate aim of every Christian who loves the Lord. For this reason, we should always give thanks to God for being able to suffer for Him (1 Pet 4:16)—a glorious task that not everyone is privileged to undertake.

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