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Truth Discernment

How Shall One Escape?

The question the writer of Hebrews posed speaks volume about the danger of ignoring our faith (Heb. 2:1f). None of us should take this warning lightly. More crucially, it underlines there is such thing called a ‘no-crossing’ zone. This ‘no-crossing’ concept is based upon the fact that the word from the angel is firm and steadfast. Since every transgression and disobedience received a just reward, how can we escape if we turn our back on salvation? Particularly, this salvation has already been unconditionally confirmed to us.

Quite evidently, when we lose interest in the word of God, the shifting of focus away from Christ becomes unavoidable. When we fail to reverently heed the word of God, then the inclination to depart from the Lord will start growing stronger. The drifting away will gather momentum and pace when the principles of God governing our lives are being put off one after another. In such a plight, we are blinded from perceiving the pricelessness of salvation. We are deprived of the understanding that we once were so used to, relying so much in anchoring against the tempest of allurement and secularism.

Here, there is a question to be answered: what constitutes to the loss of interest in the word of God? There are obviously many reasons. One explicit one is not giving earnest heed to the word (Heb. 2:1). Such a lack of enthusiasm, which we all know should not happen in the first place, has profound, and at the same time, dire consequences. This sluggish attitude sets us up for a blatant denial of Christ’s work of salvation. This is especially so when our desire to replace Christ with notions of life irrelevant to salvation, gains full traction.


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