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Truth Seeking
Rain is Given to Zion Alone

God will come like Rain
It is acceptable to most that rain is referred symbolically to God’s presence and blessing in the OT. There are numerous accounts that point to such an understanding (Deut. 32:2; Ps. 72:6; Isa. 44:3, 4; Hos. 10:12). But, it is unacceptable to most the claim that there are two periods of rain, which prefigure the coming of the Holy Spirit in two periods of time. It seems that uncertainties have developed regarding this teaching. Such a development has its root in the following concepts:

1. Many view the teaching of the two periods of the coming of the Spirit is too narrow a perspective, and is not built upon a sound biblical and theoretical ground.

2. It is even harder to accept this teaching over the fact that the certainty of the Spirit leaving the apostolic church is unverifiable. Without the presence of the Spirit, how could the church grow far and wide so swiftly, after the death of the apostles?

3. One can assume that if the two periods of rain prefigure the coming of the Spirit, then this would lead to some more profound questions, and therefore, render the explanation of the showers in between these periods improbable.

With those questions raised, it would be pertinent to answer them as clearly as possible with two purposes in mind. One the one hand, it is to make clear of our belief, to ensure that it is founded on a biblical premise, which is proved beyond doubt that it is true. In this way, it is to be accepted with full faith and taught with full conviction. On the other hand, it is to confirm that many teachings our predecessors taught in the early days of the establishment of the end-time true church came from the Holy Spirit. They are not concepts that we can simply speak against or discard off.

[To be continued...]


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