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Christian Living
Understanding Sufferings

Nobody in his right mind enjoys suffering. Suffering brings pain and breaks down the normal cycle of life. It disturbs the balance of peace in the heart, which, in turn, influences the ability to interact normally with others, to exhibit life’s vibrancy to the full. In severe cases, suffering can threaten the very existence of a person. For this reason, we try to avoid it.

The Bible’s teachings regarding suffering, however, are very different from our common concepts. Suffering can appear in various forms, such as tribulation, sickness, setbacks, disasters and even death. The Scriptures define it as a necessary part of Christian life. It is always there, and we are required to go through suffering in order to enter the kingdom of God (Acts 14:22)

Although perplexing at the time, suffering is good for Christians. In order to understand the significance of suffering, we need to fine-tune our mindset with the word of God. This will ease the stresses related to suffering and enable us to perceive God’s purpose for us during trials. In addition, it will help us to reach spiritual maturity.

[To be continued...]

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God’s grace is offered without discrimination or favoritism. But if His love is free for all, then why do some receive His blessings while others do not?

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