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Truth Seeking
Rain is Given to Zion Alone

The rainfall patterns are not just a remarkable power of Mother Nature. On a spiritual level, it is also one of the main concepts regarding the coming of the Spirit. The Spirit is the key element to the development and expansion of God’s work, and is therefore logical that the Spirit must have initiated the emergence of the true church as well. Such a miraculous work leads to two conclusions. Firstly, that God’s promises in the Scriptures are the absolute truth and that He will definitely fulfil them in His time. Secondly, that man is to patiently wait for, and trust with absolute faith, in the promise of the coming of the rain (Jas. 5:7).

To rely on the use of biblical hermeneutics alone does not make complete sense of the doctrine. We need to identify its firm biblical base and follow this with proper reasoning. So, in order to make sense of the teaching, there are terms that need to be carefully explained. ‘Rain’ is a form that represents the word of God (Isa. 55:8-11). God’s word (promises) once spoken would not be in vain. Just like when the rain falls, the rain would naturally nurture the land. It produces a soul-reviving effect in the life of man, in a similar fashion that physical rain would provide to any life form.

At times, God’s coming or presence is described as rain falling on grass before mowing. It is like showers that water the earth (Ps. 72:6; Hos. 6:3). The result is that the righteous will flourish with great abundance of peace (Ps. 72:7). In a spiritual sense, the presence of the Spirit causes growth and instils life in a family and the church, drawing souls to the household of God. He organises, builds and guides the church in every imaginable aspect, as Paul has expounded (1 Cor. 12). Once the Spirit departs, darkness and death will follow.

[To be continued...]

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