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International Youth Ministry


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On March 23-24, 2019 at Port Dickson Church in Malaysia
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00-WDC Group- IYMC and IA EXCO.jpg
00-WDC Group- IYMC and IA EXCO
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International Bible Seminar.jpg
International Bible Seminar
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IYMC Meeting-1.jpg
IYMC Meeting-1
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IYMC Meeting-2.jpg
IYMC Meeting-2
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IYMC Symposium.jpg
IYMC Symposium
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Love Meal-1.JPG
Love Meal-1
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Love Meal-2.JPG
Love Meal-2
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Love Meal-3.JPG
Love Meal-3
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Love Meal-4.JPG
Love Meal-4
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Love Meal-5.JPG
Love Meal-5
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Love Meal-6.JPG
Love Meal-6
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Love Meal-7.JPG
Love Meal-7
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Visitation- Tour B.jpg
Visitation- Tour B
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