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Sis Lily Pang from Cambridge Prayer House


Prayer request from Anessa Liew:
Sis Lily Pang from Cambridge Prayer House was recently diagnosed with a condition called hyperthyroid. It's basically the over production of thyroxine, which causes a hormone imbalance in her body. The side effects are having the shakes, losing weight, becoming easily stressed, angry or tearful. Most recently however, the condition has caused her eyeballs to be slowly forced out of the sockets, causing the eyes to bulge. It is not currently noticeable (thank God), however, it is very painful and is distorting her eye sight. Please pray that God can alleviate these side effects and cure her of this illness. She is of course, quite scared as it is a new development to the illness. Please also pray for her family who are pulling together to help her.

Updates on Sis Betty Pang in Malaysia are:
Thank God, the tumour in her lungs is shrinking very slowly and she has the energy to get up, walk around, bake, cook and leave the house for walks. Please continue to pray for her recovery as this kind of cancer is very stubborn. Surely God has been the strength of her recovery and not the chemotherapy.




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