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Prayers of intercession for Bro Kenny Chan


Dearest TJC brethren,

On behalf of a dear brother in Christ, Kenny Chan (son of Dn Thomas Chan in Gifford Park church, Edinburgh, UK), I would like to solicit prayers of intercession for him and his family from brothers and sisters around the world. Little over 2 weeks ago, he went to the emergency ward, as he had been feeling unwell for some time (vomiting blood, and pain around abdomen, he had thought it was due to aches incurred from playing golf). Sadly, this week he was diagnosed with advanced cancer, which has metastasised to various sites, and which may not be treatable. This news is a shock to all of us. He is only in his early 30s. Please read the note below from his younger brother Gershom below for further details.

He has recieved a liver biopsy this evening. The liver was initially suspected to be the primary cancer site. He will stay in the local cancer hospital for the next few days as doctors assess possible treatment options (but there may not be any). If confirmed, prognosis for metastatic liver cancer (stage IV) is dismal.

According to Cancer Research UK (, "If the cancer is very advanced, sadly, patients are unlikely to live for much more than a year at most."

Although bro Kenny has been what you may call a 'lost sheep' for many a year - but it is quite apparent that the love and compassion of God remains strongly with him and I believe he and his family would appreciate some support in prayer at this difficult time, as he learns to draw near to God again and find strength and courage from Him to overcome this difficult challenge. In fact, Kenny is one of my relatives, and I feel pained knowing his poor condition. At these times, we realise that despite tremendous progress in medicine, man has his limit; but God is almighty, powerful, gracious and compassionate - the ultimate Physician...and the prayers of the righteous (you guys) can touch His heart to bestow mercy.

Thanks for your love, prayer, and time in reading this note.
May God remember your love for this one sheep, and may His will be done and His name glorified in all things.

Yours in Christ,
Bro Ray Chan

2008/10/24 Gersh Chan

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

First of all my Family wants to thanks those of you who have taken the time to visit my brother Kenny while he was in hospital and at home. Your love and generosity has truly been shown through your kindness and we are grateful for all the love and concern everyone has shown.

Kenny has been for his 2nd scan this week and the doctors have confirmed that the cancer has spread throughout his body including his liver, lungs and around his neck area and now to his spine. The Doctors are yet to identify the primary cancer and will decide on a treatment soon, however the progression of the cancer is so severe that they are unsure whether a valid treatment would have any effect.

Kenny remains optimistic and he is still very lively and strong. My parents have been observing Sabbath with him each week and have been praying very hard with him. Thank God he is finding his faith and has been speaking in tongue in his prayers.

This is the request of my family: That the Church can not only Pray for his sickness but that God's will may be done and that he may be brought back into the fold and to trust in God whatever the outcome may be. That he may see the Love of God through the church and through you all. That is all we ask.

If you would like to visit him please do and try to encourage him to draw near and to church once more. I believe God is also working hard to bring him home as the shepherd who left the flock in search of the one lost sheep.

In Christ
Chan Family




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