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TJC Labuan


  About the TJC Labuan






Labuan island is situated at about 8km west of the Sabah mainland. It has an area of about 92 sq km. Labuan was originally a part of North Borneo . It became a free port and a Federal Territory in 1956 and 1984 respectively. In October 1990 the Federal Government declared Labuan as an International Offshore Financial Centre of Malaysia and in December 1990 declared as a duty free zone. There are now about 78,000 people living on the island.


The Labuan True Jesus Church’s missionary works started in the early 1930 when Bro. Yap Kong Fui was transferred to work in Labuan . In mid September of the same year, Dn. Philip Tyan made a special trip to Labuan to visit Bro. Yap who after receiving the Holy Spirit was ordained as Dn Titus Yap. With the guidance Holy Spirit and encouragement from Dn. Philip Tyan, a prayer hourse was set up on the 6th of December at Dn. Titus Yap’s residence in Membedai with approximately 20 believers. Dn. Philip Tyan used to make frequent visits to Labuan to assist the missionary work there. Subsequently, the first spiritual convocation was held in 1935 and the following year, Dn. Simon Kam was appointed as Missionary Affairs In-charge and Sis. Wong En Lan was appointed as the Treasurer.


During the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945, the church was seized by the Japanese and worshipping was discontinued. After the liberation, from 1945 to 1950, church services were still not restored due to the fact that the church was destroyed and the believers were scattered. In 1950, Dn. John Chin and Dn. Titus Yong were assigned by the North Borneo (now known as SGA) to Labuan to convene a MembersMeeting there with a view to restoring Sabbath services as well as family gatherings as soon as possible. At the same time, Bro. Tsen Chi Henn handed over a sum of $300 being compensation from the Local Authority for the destruction of the church. With that money Dn. Simon Kam purchased a piece of land located at about 5km from town for the construction of a new church. Following that, planning of the church building commenced immediately.


In 1956, a temporary church building was completed with assistance from Bro. Chung Chao Long from Beaufort and Bro. Vun Lin San from Tuaran. It was dedicated to the Lord in conjunction with a spiritual convocation. The then Missionary Affairs In-charge was Dn. Simon Kam. There were about 30 members.


In 1964, Dn. John Yang and Dn. Lin Fong Shen were sent by the GA of Taiwan to Sabah to assist with the Holy work and towards the end of the same year, they visited Labuan . During the 3-day spiritual convocation Bro. Wong Nyap Thau was ordained as Dn. David Wong who later together with his family, they moved to Kota Kinabalu to continue the missionary work there while in Labuan the missionary work were undertaken by Dn. Simon Kam.


On December 25, 1974, the church was gutted by fire. The actual cause was not ascertained. Sabbath services were disrupted and had to be held at Bro. Chia Thien Soong’s residence. Later a meeting was convened to decide whether the church was to be rebuilt on the same site or on Bro. Chia’s piece of land of about 0.08Ha (0.2 acre) in size and about 8km from town which he donated to the church. The latter was decided on and original land was sold and the money received together with donations from members became the church building fund. On December 31, 1982, construction of a double-storey church with air conditioning costing RM140,000 with a seating capacity for 100 people was completed. The dedication of the church/spiritual convocation was held from April 30 to May 3, 1983. On November 6, 1984, Dn. Simon Kam was called to rest by the Lord then church on the following 16 years did not have a deacon to conduct holy works and holy sacraments. The Missionary Affairs were carried out by Bro. Yap Yin Fung and Bro. Kam Kim Pon. Due to the church had yet to have a completed hostel and caused inconvenience to members who came from other places for attending spiritual events. Therefore the church board decided to build a hostel and set up the fund.


At a later time, under the Government’s future development plans, the Government planned to develop dual carriageway. It was foreseen that 50% of the church building will be delineated by the Government to develop the project. At the moment the Government has yet to issue an official letter when the Government will delineate the church’s land. In 1985, the government had compensated 75% of the delineated land to SGA. It was believed that the project might commence soon. Subsequently the church board decided to convert the hostel fund to church building fund. In view of planning to build a new church and inadequacy of land, thanks to the Lord for His arrangement of Sis. Chia Way Hiong (the late Bro. Chia Thien Soong’s daughter) generously donated a piece of land to the church that was belonging to her to solve the land inadequacy problem. The estimated cost of constructing the new church is approximately RM500,000 and so far the building fund collected by the church is only enough to cover 50% of the building cost. The current status of the new church building is still under process and waiting for the structure plan for approval from the Labuan Development Corporation. Because of the above problems, we pray the Lord for guidance be with us through the completion of the new church.


On July 1, 2000, Bro. Kam Kim Pon was ordained as Dn. Joses Kam. At present, the church has increased to 133 members including one deacon. This include of members from Sabah mainland who have settled down there. Beside that there are members from Sabah mainland who came for employment and tertiary education.

Apart from Sabbath service and Friday sermon, services for prayer are also conducted on Tuesday night and Sunday morning. There are 6 RE classes with 32 students and 11 teachers comprised of a Kindergarten and Upper Primary classes of Chinese and Native, a Lower Secondary class of Native and an Upper Secondary class of Chinese. The RE classes are held on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. RE Division In-charge is Sis. Sally Ng. The following are members of the Executive Committee:-




Missionary Affairs


吴雅斤执事 Dn.Jachin Ng, 以斯米基俄弟兄 Bro. Ezmikiel 



杨桂珍 Alicia Yong Gui Jin, 吴爱玲 Sally Ng I-Ling

General Affairs


刘正勇 Oliver Liew , 甘伟荣 Alex Kam Wei Yoong

Financial Affairs


甘波阿斯执事 Dn.Boaz Kam

Committee Member


Youth Fellowship


叶道良 Yapp Thau Leong,以斯米基俄弟兄 Bro. Ezmikiel  

Religious Education 


谢户勒大执事 Dns.Huldah Chia, 鲁丽娜 Rulinah 



吴雅斤执事 Dn.Jachin Ng

Ministry Preacher




 Contact Information

    Street Address8KM, Jalan Pohon Batu, Kampung Lajau
    State/ProvinceFederal Territory
    Postal Code87008
    Mailing AddressP.O.Box 84
    Mailing CityLabuan
    Mailing State/ProvinceFederal Territory
    Mailing Postal Code87008
    Main Phone+60 87 461828
    2nd Phone+60 168050828
    Fax Number+60 87 461828
    Contact PersonDn.Joses Kam Kim Pon
    Resident Pastor
    Pastor's Phone Number+6087 461344
    Year Established1983

 Services and Activities






7:15 am - 8:00 am

Morning Prayer 早祷会


9:00 am - 11:30 am

Religious Education (Mandarin / Hakka) 宗教教育儿童聚会 (华)


7:00 am - 8:00 am

2:00 am - 3:00 pm

3:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sabbath Worship Service (Morning Session) 安息日 (早)

Sabbath Worship Service (Mandarin / Hakka - BM) 安息日 (午)

Religious Education (BM) 宗教教育儿童聚会 (著语)


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Choir Service 圣乐诗班聚会


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Bible Study and Prayer Service 读经祷告会


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Worship Service 星期五晚间聚会


 Directions and Transportation

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Labuan is 8km off the coast of Sabah. Although there are boat trips from Sabah (20 minutes by boat from Menumbok), Brunei and Sarawak, the fastest way to get there is by flight.

Flew by Malaysian Airlines from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu or simply via Sarawak to Labuan.

Other airlines flying into Labuan are Air Asia and Brunei Airlines from Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei).

The airport code: LBU

Satellite Map :

Taxi Services
Taxis may be hired from taxi stands, hailed by roadsides or through a radio-phone paging system. They operate by zone with charges ranging from RM6.00 for Zone No. 1 to RM26.50 for Zone No. 9.

Bus Services
Town buses in Labuan operate services both within town and numerous destinations around. Generally these buses utilise vans and are commonly called 'mini buses'.

Money Changing
Foreign currency and travellers cheques may be changed in all commercial banks during banking hours. Mondays to Fridays - 9.30 am to 3.00 pm Saturdays - 9.30 am to 11.30 am. Banks are closed every Sunday. Travellers cheques are accepted in leading hotels, stores and car rental agencies.

Local time : GMT + 8 hours
Sunrise : 0600 hours
Sunset : 1830 hours


 Schools and Universities



1. International Campus Labuan - University Malaysia Sabah

    Website :


2. Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan

    Website :