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News and Announcements: Batu Pahat Ministry Report 巴督巴辖事工


Batu Pahat Ministry Report 巴督巴辖事工







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Batu Pahat is a small township in Johor, Malaysia, about 130km northeast of Singapore. Batu Pahat Prayer House has a total congregation of about twenty (including observers). The members congregate for weekly services on Friday night as well as on Saturday afternoon. As there is shortage of workers in Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat prayer house requires assistance especially in the area of religious education work and pulpit ministry.

In the area of pulpit ministry, speakers from Singapore are scheduled to speak on the 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month, whilst the preacher pastoring Southern Region – Pr Joel Chong, the deacons and members from Johore Bahru will take turns to speak on other weeks, including Friday nights.

In the area of Religious Education Work, trained RE teachers and trainee teachers from Singapore are arranged to teach on every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th week of the month, while teachers from Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat will teach on the 4th week of the month. In 2012, there is a total of 2 RE classes in Batu Pahat with a total enrollment of 9 students. The Intermediate youth class has a total enrollment of 4 students (2 members, 2 observers) and the Observer class has a total enrollment of about 5 students (all observers who started coming regularly in 2012).

We thank God for moving twenty willing members in Singapore, to take turn to make half-day trips on Saturday to support the church work in Batu Pahat prayer house. On the average, a teacher from Singapore is scheduled to teach once every three months and a driver is scheduled to drive twice every three months.

For 2013, the above mentioned arrangement with Batu Pahat prayer house will remain. Batu Pahat prayer house intends to commence a 3rd RE class for students aged 3 to 7 years old, this new class will be solely taught by our members in Batu Pahat.

We thank God that Bro Leonard and Bro Steven from Adam Road has agreed to participate in this ministry in 2013 as drivers. We will also like to recruit more teachers in the near future so as to involved younger youths in this ministry, and to lessen the burden of the existing teachers going to Batu Pahat.

Members are encouraged to pray for God's guidance in the Batu Pahat Ministry in 2013 and the growth and development of Batu Pahat Prayer House.

Chinese Contents

巴督巴辖在柔佛州是一个小镇,在马来西亚,距离南部的新加坡约130公里。巴督巴辖祈祷所人数大约有20位(包括慕道者)。那里的信徒在每周的礼拜五晚上和礼拜六下午聚会。因为在巴督巴辖缺乏工人, 所以特别在宗教教育和证道方面需要工人的协助。


在宗教教育,从新加坡经过训练和正在训练的宗教教育老师被安排在每个月的第1, 2, 3和第5周到那里去讲课。另一方面,从柔佛州和巴督巴辖的宗教教育老师会在每个月的第4周去那儿讲课。在2012年, 巴督巴辖的宗教教育班有2班, 登记的学生有9位。中级班登记的学生总数有4位(2位信徒, 2位慕道者)慕道者班登记的学生总数有5位(从2012年开始时常来慕道)。

感谢主,祂感动了新加坡的20位信徒, 他们自愿在礼拜六花上半天的車程到巴督巴辖祈祷所去支持那里的圣工。一般是每3个月有一位老师会被安排去一次,每3个月有一位司机被安排兩次驾驶。

在2013年, 以上的安排会依然持續着。巴督巴辖祈祷所将设立第3班宗教教育班,学生的年龄是从3-7岁, 这一班将由巴督巴辖的信徒负责教导。

我们感谢主, 能让从亚当路教会的Leonard 弟兄和Steven弟兄同意当司机参与2013年的牧养工作。我们希望在不久的将来能招募更多的老师,让年青一代能参与这些牧养工作,为了能够减轻目前老师们的重担。



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