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News and Announcements: Intermediate Youth Camp 2013 年中级班营


Intermediate Youth Camp 2013 年中级班营






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Intermediate Youth Camp 2013
(16th March 2013 to 19th March 2013)

Intermediate Youth (IY) Camp 2013 lasted from the 16th to the 19th of March. It was held at Changi Aloha Chalet- Ferry Point Chalet 4, Catterick Road. The total enrolment for the camp was approximately 25; including the counselors (REU Teachers), who were involved throughout the course of the camp. The theme for the IY Camp this year was: 2 Timothy 2:22 – “Flee youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the LORD out of a pure heart.” This overarching theme was later divided into sub- themes for the respective days of the camp. These were the sub- themes for the camp: “Facing the Giant” (Why we “Flee Youthful Lusts”) - taught by Preacher Simon Chin on 17th of March, “In our Pursuit of Righteousness, Faith, Love, and Peace” (How we “Flee Youthful Lusts”) - taught by Preacher Peter Shee on the 18th of March, and lastly, “Dwell amongst those who call on the LORD out of a Pure Heart” (How we “Flee Youthful Lusts”) - taught by Sister Sizhen on the 19th of March.

IY Camp 2013 started off with a Mini- Evangelistic Service that was held on the 16th of March after the Saturday Afternoon Church Service that day, at True Jesus Church- Telok Kurau Lorong H. It was a rather heartwarming event, because some of the truth seekers seemed quite accepting of the beliefs of the church. However, healthy evangelism takes a lot of time and effort, if it is going to be made to take flight. The Mini- Evangelistic Service provided a good launching platform.

The main activities that were held on the first full day of the IY Camp at the Chalet were The Amazing Race and Counseling. The Amazing Race was headed by Brother Lee Xiong Le. It was quite an unforgettable experience and taught participants the importance of working together in the Lord to achieve a common goal, amidst all hardship and challenges. During the Counseling Session, the topic of Making Resolutions and the true, general meaning of 2 Timothy 2:22 was being discussed. The Counseling Session was intimate and highly personal, probably due to the informal setting and the small group of participants. It was edifying.

The main activities that were held on the second full day of the IY Camp at the Chalet were the Trail at East Coast Park and Movie Night. The Trail at East Coast Park lasted approximately 3 hours. It was a slightly tiring and very lengthy activity, but definitely managed cultivate stronger fellowship between the participants. Two station games were played during the course of the Trail at East Coast Park. They emphasized the importance of having integrity and showing love towards each other, both inside and outside of the safety and compounds of the church. The movie that was being screened for the Movie Night was “Forrest Gump”. The movie is not Christian- related, but manages to establish the importance of chasing after the correct goals in life, and doing your best with what GOD has blessed you with; in close relation to the beliefs of True Jesus Church.

The main activity that was held on the third and final day of the IY Camp at the Chalet was Wet Games. It was yet another opportunity for participants to realize how much they needed the help of each other to be able to keep one another sufficiently untainted, under the grace of the LORD, and not have more sheep leave the gathered and chosen flock of Christ.

On the whole, IY Camp 2013 was a very fulfilling and enriching occasion, where the significance of self- preservation, under the grace of the LORD, maintenance of the purity of the soul, and the need to acknowledge the church as one body that must not be separated, was heavily emphasized upon.

IY Camp 2013 was a very honest and simple depiction of togetherness within the spiritual family of the church.

Chinese Contents


2013年中级班营于3月16日至19日举开。地点是在樟宜的 Aloha度假村- Ferry Point Chalet 4。约25位 参加,当中包括全程参与的辅导员 (宗教教育教员)。今年的主题是:提摩太后书2章22节 - “你要逃避少年的私欲、同那清心祷告主的人追求公义、信德、仁爱、和平。”在主题内定下的小主题:3月17日-由陈西门主讲“面对巨人”(何为要“逃避少年的私欲”);3月18日- 由许彼得传道主讲“同那清心祷告主的人追求公义、信德、仁爱、和平”(如何“逃避少年的私欲”);3月19日-由郑思真姐妹主讲“与那清心求告主的人同住”(如何“逃避少年的私欲”)。



在度假村第二天的活动包括到东海岸公园和晚间观赏电影。在东海岸公园的的活动约三个小时,我们都感到有些疲累;但是却能够让我们与彼此间的团契更坚固。两个游戏站强调了正直、在教会内外彼此间互相关怀的重要。晚间观赏影片“Forrest Gump”;影片虽与基督教没有关联,但却能从当中取得一些好的价值观念;追求正确的生命目标,在神所赐福的事上尽力做好;与真耶稣教会的信仰建立密切关系。





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