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News and Announcements: JiaEn Steadfast Oneness fellowship


JiaEn Steadfast Oneness fellowship







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English Contents

Thank God, the first JiaEn / Steadfast combined fellowship worship for the 3 churches was held on May 19 2013 at Telok Kurau church. More than 70 participants attended the fellowship worship which started at 10am and finished at 3.30pm.  A fellowship lunch to allowed members to interact was served.  The theme of the fellowship was “Oneness in the Lord” and the program consisted of a sermon by Pr Ho; a prayer for Holy Spirit lead by Pr Chin; a sharing session where Sis Christina and Bro Jong Sing shared about the passing of faith in their families and finally a light hearted singalong session lead by Bro Chiang Meng that reinforces on the “oneness” theme.
Highlights of the fellowship:
1. Pr Simon Chin shared his perspective as SCB chairman the rationale behind putting the JiaEn and Steadfast fellowships under the umbrella of SCB.  He shared that it was important to have such a combine fellowship occasionally to allow new members from the 3 churches to get to know the bigger family and for existing members to keep the fellowship going across the 3 churches.  Pr Chin also emphasized the important role members of the JiaEn/Steadfast fellowship play in the church – “The bridging” between the Youths and Evergreen member to ensure the “Passing of faith” and being the major work force in divine work. 

2. Pr Ho used the teachings from I Corinthians 12 on the one body of Christ to expound on the importance of “Oneness” in the church.  While we may be worshipping at different TJC churches, we are still members of the one body of Christ.   As members of the one body of Christ, each one of us has a role to play.    No one role is more important than the other.  As member of the body of Christ each of us have talent(s) that God have given us and we ought to use it accordingly to serve the Lord and his body.  As members of the one body of Christ, we all need to have care and concern for each other.

3. Brother Jong Sing and Sis Christina Chong shared “Passing of Faith” that described how their respective families came to believe in the Lord.  Thank God Bro Jong Sing’s family have 6 generations of believers – Elder Titus Huang being the first believer in the family; and Sis Christina/Bro Chi Kiong’s family have 4 generations of believers – Dn Andrew Chin (ieDn John Chin’s father) being the first believer in the family.

4. In closing the fellowship, participants were divided into 3 groups each lead by a “choir master”.  Each group was given 10 minutes to learn several new hymnal/songs that reinforces the “oneness” message and to present them in a unique fashion.

We thank God for His providence, grace and may we repay His love with zeal.

Chinese Contents

感谢神,于5月19日,三间教会首次的中坚联合团契在直落古楼教会举行。这一天,有七十多位信徒参加从早上10点30分至下午3点30分的敬拜团契,午餐的时间大家也有机会彼此团契。这次团契的主题是“在主里合而为一”,而节目包括了何传道的证道勉励,陈传道带领的祷告会,丽灵姐妹和Jong Sing弟兄也分享他们家庭中的信仰传承,之后长明弟兄带领了轻快的带动唱来体现主里合一的主题。
1. 陈西门传道分享作为新加坡联络处主席的观点,也解释加恩和中坚团契归于联络处的原因。他也谈到偶尔有联合团契的重要,让三间教会新加入的成员有机会认识在这更大家庭中的成员,也让信徒们的团契一直延续下去。陈传道也谈到加恩和中坚团契在教会中扮演着重要的角色,就是青年和长青之间的桥梁,确保信仰的传承,也是事奉中的重要的劳动力。

2.    何传道引用哥林多前书12章谈到基督的身体来探讨教会合一的重要性。虽然我们在不同的地方敬拜,但我们都是基督的肢体。身为肢体,每个人都有自己当扮演的角色,并且没有哪有角色是比较重要的,肢体都是同等重要。作为基督的肢体,我们都从神那里领受恩赐,也当用这恩赐来事奉主的身体,并且彼此关心。

3.   Jong Sing弟兄和丽灵姐妹一同分享了“信仰的传承”,也分享他们的家庭如何来信主。感谢神,Jong Sing弟兄的家庭有六代的信徒,而且黄提多长老是这家庭中第一位信徒。丽灵姐妹和志强弟兄的家庭有四代的信徒,而陈安德烈执事(也就是陈约翰执事的父亲)是这家庭里的第一位信徒。

4. 在团契尾声时,信徒们分成三组,各别由一位指挥带领在十分钟内学会几首新诗。诗歌以独特的呈献方式来强调“合而为一”的信息。

我们感谢神的供给˴ 恩典,也愿我们用热忱来回应祂的爱。


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