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News and Announcements: West Malaysia and Singapore Joint Evergreen Fellowship Activity


West Malaysia and Singapore Joint Evergreen Fellowship Activity






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::: West Malaysia and Singapore Joint Evergreen Fellowship Activity :::

Thank God for His grace and wonderful arrangement, that the first West Malaysia and Singapore Joint Evergreen Fellowship Activity was organised by the West Malaysia GA, and was held on 6-7 July 2013 in Olive Garden, Port Dickson.

A total of 38 members from Singapore’s three churches attended the event. On that day, a rented 44-seater excursion bus left Telok Kurau church at 7am and picked up other participants at Adam Road church, before heading towards the Woodlands Customs Checkpoint. Because there is much traffic into West Malaysia during weekends, much time was spent clearing the customs of both countries. As we also had breakfast in Johor Bahru, it was already 2:30pm when we reached Guest Hotel, the accommodation arranged for us. From there, the ride to Olive Garden took 5 minutes. When we hastily checked in to the hotel, rushed to Port Dickson, and had a simple lunch, the program has already started for some time.
The theme of this activity is “To be able, having done all, to stand”.

The Sabbath service started at 3pm, with Pr Simon Chin delivering the theme sermon. Next, a Holy Communion was held, of which more than 240 brethren partook. After prayer and benediction, Pr Joel Chong led the offering session. A short break followed, and then it was a prayer session for the Holy Spirit. They then had dinner together. On the menu was a cosy and hearty steamboat.

7:30pm was the sharing session, in which each church/district introduced the respective fellowships and activities with the help of PowerPoint slides. Next up was hymnal fellowship. Most delegations sang in English and Mandarin, but Klang church specially sang a hymn in Hokkien. As the Sabbath program ended only at 10:30pm, the original plan of a half-an-hour walk along the beach had to be cancelled, in order for us to return to the hotel to rest for the activities on the next day.

On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel at 7:45am, and the morning prayer session started at 8am. After breakfast at 9:30am, it was the Evergreen personal sharing session. Also hosted by Pr Simon Chin, the session was entitled “Are We Still Useful?”, with Dn Jason Hsieh, Dns Lee Sew En, and Sis Lena Ho sharing their thoughts on the pulpit. A home-made buffet lunch was then served. Finally, Dn Isaiah Phan led a session on “Our Health”. He comprehensively and clearly covered all possible symptoms that the elderly can face, greatly benefiting the participants. A prayer session was held at 2:30pm to end this fellowship program. We reluctantly bid farewell to the Malaysian brethren, and safely returned to Singapore.

The two-day program was compact, and the bus trip tiring. However, we received much edification spiritually, especially since we could meet up with other brethren whom we have not met for a long time to reminisce. This is hard to come by, and it would become our precious memories. Finally, we would like to thank the West Malaysia GA and all organisers for putting in the hard work to plan and organise this event in love. We would also like to thank the volunteers who joined the trip for their meticulous service. Amen.

Chinese Contents

::: 西马与新加坡二个国家的长青团契联谊会报告 :::


新加坡三间教会共有38名参加。当天我们租了一辆44座位的游览车早上7时在直落古楼教会出发,然后到亚当路教会承载参加者,后直往兀兰关闸;因为周末往西马的人众多,在两边过关时耽误不少时间,加上在新山吃早餐,以致到达所安排住宿的Guest Hotel时,已经下午2时半。旅馆到橄榄园的车程约5分钟。匆匆check in 一起到波德申,简单用了午餐,节目已进行一段时间。



星期日7时45分check out,早祷会8时开始。用过早餐,9:30时开始,是长青个人分享时间,亦由陈西门传道主持,内容是“我们仍然有用吗?”。分别由谢坚信执事,李秀恩执事和何恩佑姐妹三位上台分享。午餐是爱心自助午餐。最后的节目-健康讲座“我们的健康”,由潘以赛亚执事主讲。把年长者可能的症状,都讲得很全面很清楚,令人得益不少。2时半以祷告结束此次的联谊。依依不舍和同灵们道别,安返新加坡。



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