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News and Announcements: Senior Members Day 敬 老 会2013


Senior Members Day 敬 老 会2013







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On August 17, we gave special blessings to all our senior members as we remember their years of faith in the Lord. Each had a rose boutonniere worn on them, and was presented a gift of a custom-made slippers.

The sermon by Preacher Simon Chin on “Honour the old” encouraged us to honour and respect the old as “the silver-haired is a crown of glory” (Proverbs 16:31). After a short break, the respective Religious Education (RE) classes presented their hymn items, starting with the Nursery class. The students sang heartily in praise of the Lord.

The service ended with an introduction of members above the age of seventy, and a photography session. Dinner was then lovingly served to everyone who participated in the Senior Members Day.
No of Senior members (Total Participants):
3 Brothers and 7 Sisters and 4 Observers
1. Opening Hymn & Prayer
2. Sermon
- Sermon Speaker: Pr Chin Aun Quek
- Sermon Title: God wants man to honour the old
3. REU & Manna Choir Presentation
4. Introduction of Senior Members
5. Closing Hymn & Prayer
6. Photography Session
7. Buffet Dinner

Praise The Lord for His abundant blessings that Sembawang church could hold the Senior Members Day in the new premises this year. There were a total of 14 senior members who attended this special event, which commenced with a sermon by Pr Chin Aun Quek followed by presentations from RE classes and Manna choir. After the introduction of senior members and the photography session, all members were delighted to enjoy the sumptuous buffet dinner.
By God’s blessings, the Telok Kurau church celebrated Senior Members’ Day once again. Honouring the elderly is something we should do and is something that will please the Lord.
Our Senior Members - The RE students, together with the choir, sang and their voices filled the church hall, praising God and reminding our elders to continue being strong Christian soldiers for God. This was great encouragement not only for the senior members, but for the students and the rest of the congregation listening to it as well.

Our senior members were later ushered by the students to the dining area, where our Jia En Fellowship members had delicacies specially prepared for them.

It was a day of great joy as we see the younger generations taking care of the seniors, many of whom are pioneer workers of our church in Singapore. Everyone was filled with smiles and laughter. It is really a blessing that our senior members remained in the house of God all these many years. Like some of them said, the important thing is not who has more money than the others, but rather being healthy, being able to come to church every Sabbath, and seeing their children and grandchildren growing up in the Lord’s blessing.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and even if it is, it is full of thorns.
Similarly, in our life of faith, we will meet many temptations and obstacles, but what is key is in overcoming it and to be able to say “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." Looking at our seniors, they have shown us it is possible to keep the faith till the end. Many non-Christians, and Christians, often think keeping the Christian faith is difficult as there are many ‘rules’ to follow. However, the fact is keeping our faith is simple: just trust and obey.

Deacon John Chin has set a good example for us as the Lord’s worker, who trusted and obeyed the Lord for so many years. What motivated him was his desire to repay God’s love, “He gave me life, a healthy body, the only gratitude I can return to Him is to serve Him.”

Indeed, God loves us so much. We should be a good soldier and fight till the end, until we return to our real home, our heavenly Jerusalem.

It was indeed a memorable and enjoyable day as we celebrated our senior members to the praise of His glory!

Chinese Contents



参加的年长者人数 所有的参加者:
1. 聚会开始的唱诗和祷告
2. 证道
- 证道者: 陈恩国传道
- 证道题目: 神要人敬老
3. 宗教教育和吗哪诗班的献诗
4. 介绍年长者
5. 聚会结束的唱诗和祷告
6. 拍照
7. 自助晚餐


我们的长辈 - 宗教教育学生和诗班用歌声充满整个会堂,同心合意颂赞神也提醒长青同灵们要继续勇敢地做基督精兵。不单单是长青同灵感受到了勉励,在场的学生和会众也都得到造就。







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