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Singapore > News and Announcements > Report on Evergreen fellowship outing 长青团契出游报导  

News and Announcements: Report on Evergreen fellowship outing 长青团契出游报导


Report on Evergreen fellowship outing 长青团契出游报导






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Report on Evergreen fellowship outing
16th of August was the outing day for the Evergreen fellowship. The program was visiting the River Safari and then Woodlands 11 (location of the new Sembawang church building). There were 81 participants including over 10 volunteers (those below 60). Thank God for the good weather that day. We rented 2 buses which departed one from Telok Kurau and the other from Adam Road at 8am, while the Sembawang church members took the church van to the rendezvous point at Mandai. The participants entered the River Safari at 9am.

The River Safari is a new tourist spot that has gathered in one place many exotic animals that are found in the rivers or along river banks of different places in the world. These included animals that came from the Mekong, the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Amazon river of South America, the Mississippi river, Africa’s Nile, the Congo river and the Murray river in Australia.  Of special mention is the bamboo enclosure which houses 2 pandas on loan from Sichuan China called JiaJia and KaiKai. The enclosure is maintained at a temperature of between 18-22 degrees Celsius.

In the afternoon, we went to the second location which is the new Sembawang church building at Woodlands 11. Most of the participants were visiting the building for the first time. Thank God that we finally have a beautiful location we can peacefully use for service and evangelism. We partook of the sumptuous lunch prepared by the Sembawang church and had a fellowship in the main hall. For the fellowship, Pr Chin first gave a short introduction and encouragement, followed by a round of hymn singing, after which several members gave testimony on how they and they family experienced the grace of God. The program ended at 3pm.

Thank the Lord Jesus for leading this outing from start to end so that it was conducted smoothly. We also thank the volunteers for their service of love as well as the Sembawang church members for their hospitality.

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