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News and Announcements: Visitors from China 中国同灵来访


Visitors from China 中国同灵来访





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In November 2013, a church group from Quanzhou Church, southern Fujian Province and Macau Church visited churches in West Malaysia and Singapore. This was the first time a visiting group from TJC Mainland China visited Singapore. The group included two elders, three deacons, one preacher and twelve fellow church workers.

The group came via Johor Bahru through the Woodlands Checkpoint on the night of 24th November. Upon their arrival, they had fellowship with the China brethren working in Singapore. They were accommodated in Adam Road
Church for three nights and left early on the morning of the 27th November for Hong Kong.

They visited each of the three churches during their stay in Singapore. Two of the elders spoke in Telok Kurau, gave their testimony and introduced the China Churches status and ministry. During the three day stay, the group went sightseeing and toured Singapore and also met their relatives who are residing here in Singapore.

Elder Lin Fu-Zhen's father embraced the truth in 1950s when he was a youth residing in Singapore under the guidance of Barnabas Chang. He brought the gospel to his family and country folk upon returning to his village in China. He specifically instructed his son on this occasion to visit Barnabas Chang's church in Geylang and that prompted special arrangements to be made to fulfill his wishes. Elder Lin was brought to the church in Lorong 17 Geylang and he met some of the believers briefly.

We thank the Lord that the group had a joyful time during the trip and they have expressed their gratitude in subsequent correspondence with us.

Chinese Contents

于 2013 年 11 月福建省南区,泉州,厦门二地教会,组 团来西马及新加坡旅游及访问教会。这是中国的教会首 次来访,团员中有二位长老,三位执事,一位传道及同 工共12位。

十一月二十四日晚从新山经兀兰关口进新加坡,晚上在 亚当路用晚餐与此地的中国同灵联谊,接下来在亚当住 宿三晚,27/11 一大早返香港。




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