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News and Announcements: 2013 Singapore Co-Ordination Board


2013 Singapore Co-Ordination Board





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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! May the grace of God be with all in the True Jesus Church Singapore.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that the year 2013 had passed peacefully for our country and for the True Jesus Church. By His guidance TJC Singapore Co-ordination Board was able to carry out the planned program smoothly.

Among the work done was the hosting of the IA-EHWDM Conference in August 2013 wherein representatives from the GA of TJC Taiwan, Sabah, Indonesia, Korea and West Malaysia, and from the Co- ordination Board of Australia, Hongkong, Singapore and of Japan, and from pioneering church regions Ministry Committee of India, Vietnam & Kampuchea, Myanmar and Thailand convened in TJC Adam Road for two days.
Also a 4-year fulltime preacher theological course for two Myanmar trainees commenced on July 7th. The 1st semester of the course ended on 30th October 2013 and the 2nd semester began on 2nd January 2014.

On 8th & 9th June 2013, students and teachers from the Intermediate Class of TJC Singapore numbering 18 and 5 respectively went to Port Dickson to participate in a Fellowship Program with the IY youths of West Malaysia. On 6th and 7th July 2013, forty members of SCB Evergreen Fellowship attended the combined Senior Members Fellowship program organized by GA Malaysia also at Port Dickson. Also on August 30th and 31st the choir members of TJC/TK Adam Road participate in a combined choir fellowship program held in the same avenue at the True Jesus Church Training Centre in Port Dickson.

During the year 2013, IA sent Pr. H.H. Ko from Germany for more than two weeks to conduct the Mid-year Spiritual Meeting, the Adult Systematic Theology Bible Course on Christology and the Youth Theological Course in May and June. Also Elder Tse Fu-Min, the Chairman of IA, stayed behind for about three weeks after the EHDWM conference on 22nd and 23rd August 2013 to conduct another Adult Bible Course on Gospel of John, Spiritual Nurture Seminar for Preachers, and a one-day Training Session for church ministers and church executive committee members.

The SCB work was successfully carried out by the grace of God primarily because all the churches in Singapore worked together in unity and with love for Jesus Christ. The brethren gave their support in generous offerings to the Church Building Fund and in ceaseless prayers.

May He bless everyone in the True Jesus Church to be godly and steadfast in faith. Amen

Chinese Contents

奉耶稣基督的名:新加坡同灵 平安!愿神的恩典与新加坡真耶稣教众信徒同在。

赞美主耶稣基督!我们的国家及真耶稣教会都平安的渡过了 2013 年。靠着神的带领,真耶稣教会(TJC)新加坡联络处顺利的举开了各项活动。

以下是其中在 2013 年的一些工作:

2013 年 8 月国际联合总会东宣部会议;在 TJC 亚当路教会举开两天。当时的与会代表有 来自 TJC 总会:台湾、沙巴、印度尼西亚、韩国、马来西亚;联络处:澳洲、香港、新 加坡、日本;开拓区:印度、越南和柬埔寨、缅甸、泰国。

2013 年 7 月 7 日开始为两位缅甸神学生进行 4 年的全职传道神学训练课程。他们于 2013 年 10 月 30 日,结束了第一年第一学期的课程;2014 年 1 月 2 日开始第二学期的 上课。

2013 年 6 月 8 日及 9 日,TJC 新加坡的中级班教员(5 位)与学生(18 位)参加了西马 总会在波德申举开的中级班团契活动。2013 年 7 月 6 日至 7 日,40 位新联的长青成员 参加了西马总会主办的联合长青团契,地点在波德申。8 月 30 日至 31 日,新加坡 TJC/TK Adam Road 的诗班成员参加联合诗班活动,地点也在波德申。

2013 年 5 月至 6 月间约两个星期,德国的柯恒雄传道按联总差派前来协助灵恩会、在成 人系统神学课程主讲基督论、也为青年神训班的学员讲课。2013 年 8 月 22 日至 23 日 的东宣会议结束后,联总负责车富铭长老继续留下来约三个星期。期间他于成人圣经课 程主讲约翰福音书;传道者灵修会及一天的教会圣职人员与理事成员训练。

新联的事工所以能够顺利举开,是因着神的恩典,新加坡教会的同心同工并爱耶稣基督 的心;还有弟兄姐妹们为教会建筑基金慷慨奉献,不住的代祷。


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