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Singapore > News and Announcements > Religious Education (RE) Orientation Day ~ 11th January 2014 宗教教育系开学日  

News and Announcements: Religious Education (RE) Orientation Day ~ 11th January 2014 宗教教育系开学日


Religious Education (RE) Orientation Day ~ 11th January 2014 宗教教育系开学日





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English Contents

~ ~ Telok Kurau Church~ ~
On the 11th of Jan 2014, Telok Kurau Church held its annual Religious Education (RE) Orientation day. The program started with an introduction of the 8 classes, teachers and trainees , followed by an exhortation by Pr Ho. The sermon revolved around the question: „teach us what we shall do for the child who will be born‟ (Judges 13:8). This was the question Samson‟s father asked the Angel of the Lord when Samson‟s birth was foretold. Today we should also have a similar attitude of seeking the Lord‟s will in bringing up our children.

For the year 2014, TK has been blessed with 111 Students, 46 Teachers and 7 Trainees. This year also welcomed two newly appointed teachers who have completed their theory lessons as well as two years of practical training. They are Bro Lee Xiong An and Sis Jesslyn Ng.

After the introductions, the students and teachers headed for their respective classes for their individual class orientation programs. Icebreaker games were played and rules and expectations for each class were also laid down.

Finally the day came to a close when all the classes returned to the church hall for the first RE prayer of the year followed by a photo-taking session of each individual class. May God bless our Church in this divine service that we may bring the students before Him in the year ahead, amen.

~ ~ Adam Road Church~ ~
Praise the Lord that the Orientation for the Religious Education unit of Adam Road was smoothly carried out on the 11 January 2014.

There are a total of 7 students who graduated from the Religious Education System this year. They are Bro Jasper, Bro Chuen En, Bro Kevin Lo, Bro Huan Yin, Bro Wilson Chin, Sis Samantha, and Sis Sue Anne. Bro Jasper represented the graduating class to say a few words and they were joined by the rest of the IY class to present a few hymns.

We thank the Lord that we have a total of 40 teachers including 4 trainee teachers that were sent to be shepherds of the Lord‟s lamb this year. There are a total of 120 students from all the classes, ranging from children in the Nursery to students in the Intermediate Youth classes.

We pray that the Lord will strengthen the faith of our teachers through the Holy Spirit and that we remain faithful to the Word of God, to care and to guide the students with love and compassion of Christ.

~ ~ Sembawang Church~ ~
This event marks the new school year for our students, where a mix of excitement and apprehension could be felt. While some are excited as they are reunited with friends and brethren whom they “separated from” during the last school year, others are apprehensive of the new environment that they have progressed to. May the Lord continue to bless and guide the students, teachers and parents as we seek to build a faith that is rooted and grounded in the love of Christ.

RE teachers sent to do the important work of tending and feeding the lambs after receiving the laying of hands.

Chinese Contents

~ ~ 直落古楼教会~ ~
于2014年1月11日,直落古楼教会的宗教教育系举开了年度的开学礼。当日的节目先介绍八个班级、教员及实习教员;接着由何荣裕传道证道勉励。道理内容围绕着“指教我们怎样待这将要生的孩子” (Judges 13:8);这是耶和华的使者预告参孙出世,参孙的父亲所询问的话。今日,在教养孩子的当儿,我们也当用类似的态度来寻求神的旨意。

蒙神的祝福,于2014年,直落古楼教会有111位学生,46位教员和7位实习教员。我们也欢迎李雄安弟兄和Jesslyn Ng姐妹加入教员行列;他们参加了教员理论课程并完成了两年的见习训练。



~ ~ 亚当路教会 ~ ~

首先介绍了七位完成宗教教育系课程的学生;他们是吴俊祥弟兄、张全恩弟兄、卢俊宇弟兄、许环英弟兄、陈伟胜弟兄、陈思恩姐妹和黄Xu Wei姐妹。俊祥弟兄代表毕业生们致感谢词,之后中级班的学员与他们一同献唱几首诗歌。



~ ~ 三巴旺教会~ ~



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