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Evangelism News 布道组消息





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In the year 2014, a slightly different format for church evangelistic services shall be implemented. All evangelistic services will be held under the jurisdiction of the each local church EXCO instead of SCB Council Evangelistic Department e.g. mid-year evangelistic services at TJC-TK and TJC-Adam will be under the charge of respective church EXCO. This will facilitate the local churches to engage their members in the work of evangelism. May the Lord guide and bless TJC evangelistic campaign for the year 2014.

The following is the list of the evangelistic events that will be held at TJC-Adam Road and TJC-TK for the year 2014.

2014 Evangelistic Services (TJC Adam Road)
- 21st March (Friday)- Evening Evangelistic Service.
- 22nd March (Sabbath afternoon)- Truth Seekers Tea Session.
- 27th April (Sunday)-AMK Evening Evangelistic Service
- 23rd May (Friday) - Evening Evangelistic Service
- 18th&19th July (Friday & Saturday evening) – Mid Year Evangelistic Meeting @TJC Adam Road.
- 26th Sept. (Friday) – Evening Evangelistic Service.
- 27th Sept. (Sabbath afternoon) - Truth Seekers Tea Session.
- 25th Oct. ( Saturday) - Jurong Evening Evangelistic Service.
- 12th-14th Dec. (Friday to Sunday) – Year End Evangelistic Meeting @TJC Adam Road.

2014 Evangelistic Services (TJC Telok Kurau)
- 22nd March (Sabbath Afternoon) –“The Seven Miracles in the Gospel of John (1)”
- 26th April (Sabbath Afternoon) – “The Seven Miracles in the Gospel of John (2)”
- 24th May (Sabbath Afternoon)-The Seven Miracles in the Gospel of John (3)”
- 27th&28th June (Friday & Saturday evening) – Mid Year Evangelistic Meeting @TJC TK.

2014 Evangelistic Services (TJC Sembawang)
- April 2014 –TJC Sembawang Evangelistic Month
- 5th&6th Sept. (Friday & Saturday evening)-Evangelistic Services @W11.

Evergreen Evangelistic Service
- 23 March, Sunday (Telok Kurau)

Chinese Contents



- 三月21日- 星期五布道聚会
- 三月22日- 安息日茶会
- 四月27日- 星期日- 宏茂桥布道聚会
- 五月23日- 星期五布道聚会
- 七月18日-19日年中布道会(星期五,星期六于亚当)
- 九月26日- 星期五布道聚会
- 九月27日- 安息日茶会
- 十月25日- 星期六 – 裕廊布道聚会
- 十二月12日- 4日年终布道会(星期五-星期日于亚当路)

2014布道聚会 (直落古楼)
- 三月22日, 下午安息日聚会 - 约翰福音中的七个神迹 (1)
- 四月26日, 下午安息日聚会 - 约翰福音中的七个神迹 (2)
- 五月26日, 下午安息日聚会 - 约翰福音中的七个神迹 (3)
- 年中六月27日-28日(星期五,星期六于直落古楼)

2014 布道聚会(三巴旺)
- 四月 – 三巴 旺教会布道节目
- 九月5日-6日(星期五,星期六)-两晚布道聚会 (于兀兰11)

- 三月23日,星期日(于直落古楼)


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